CarLock Tag

How to pair the CarLock Tag with your Phone

The Carlock tag is a small Bluetooth device that connects directly to the CarLock app on your phone and automates the unlocking and locking of your car’s location. Pairing the CarLock Tag with the CarLock app on your phone is very easy. This step-by-step guide will help you set up the Tag in no time.

Before using the CarLock Tag, you need to have your CarLock account activated and the CarLock device installed in your car. If you don’t know how to do that, just follow the instructions in user’s installation guide you received with your CarLock device. If you have any questions about the activation, please contact us at

Currently, the CarLock Tag is supported only on devices running iOS platform (iPhone). We did some extensive testing on Android devices and unfortunately, the Android operating systems on most Android phones proved to be very unreliable when detecting the CarLock Tag. We are working on the solution for this issue, but currently, the CarLock Tag is not supported on the Android platform.

You can buy the CarLock Tag at Amazon or directly on the CarLock order page.

Setting up the CarLock Tag

Remove the CarLock Tag and the adhesive sticker from the packaging and follow these steps:

  1. Pull out the plastic tab from the CarLock Tag, to connect the battery. The tab is quite hard to pull out but don’t worry, just hold it firmly in your hand and slowly pull out the tab.
    CarLock Tag - Connect the Battery
  2. Open the CarLock app on your phone, go to the “dashboard” , and navigate to the “SmartLock” tab — the third tab at the bottom.

    Manage the CarLock Tag

  3. Tap on the “Manage” button and enable the CarLock Tag functionality by tapping on the switch. The CarLock app will start searching for available tag(s). Your new Tag will appear under the “IN RANGE” list of tags as for example “123-124”. The name of the tag will match the numbers on the back side of the Tag.

    Add the CarLock Tag

  4. Tap on the newly displayed Tag to pair it with the CarLock app.

    CarLock Tag Settings

Congratulations! You have successfully paired your CarLock Tag with the CarLock app.

After the CarLock Tag is successfully paired with the CarLock app you are able to set the actions you want the Tag to perform. By default, the CarLock Tag will unlock your car’s location when in range and lock it when out of range. If this is your only Tag, we suggest you to leave this settings by default.

Now you just need to place the CarLock Tag in your car. We suggest you to place the Tag on the driver’s side of the car, to ensure the optimal range of the Tag when you are approaching the car. When your phone registers the Tag, the CarLock app will perform the appropriate action.

Suggested CarLock Tag Placement

Suggested CarLock Tag Placement

The CarLock Tag Battery Information

The CarLock Tag battery life expectancy is from 3 to 6 months of use and is easily replaceable. The CarLock tag uses the standard 3V CR2016 battery.

If you have any questions about the CarLock Tag, contact us at

The CarLock Team