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Why It Is Crucial to Use a Security Tracker as an Addition to Your Factory Car Alarm

When people find out that the car that they bought already has a car alarm, they believe that they are protected. However, just how beneficial is it to have just a car alarm? Sure, it does provide an audible alarm that will alert people all around the car that something is amiss. It could scare off some criminals, as well.

However, think about how often you go and investigate when you hear a car alarm down the street or in the parking lot. Most of the time, people simply imagine that someone must have hit the wrong button on their alarm and they ignore it. This means that when your car alarm goes off and you aren’t around, most people are going to ignore it. Thieves know this.

Car Alarms Do Not Help in a Relay Attack

One of the other reasons that you will want to have more than just a car alarm is because they will not do you any good in the event of a relay attack. This is also known as smart key theft. Unfortunately, this has become one of the more common types of strategies used by car thieves in recent years. With this type of attack, two thieves will work together. They use a relay amplifier and a transmitter. One of the thieves puts the amplifier close to the house to amplify the signal from the key fob. The transmitter will then work as a key fob, allowing the other thief to get into the vehicle with it.

This can be done quickly, and the vehicle’s car alarm is not able to detect that there is a problem. The thieves can drive away with the car without much trouble. Most of the time, the owner will not know anything about their car being stolen until they go out to get into it later. Walking out to where you parked the car and seeing that it is missing is one of the worst feelings in the world. You second-guess whether you had to park it somewhere else and you run through all of the possibilities of what happened.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are taking steps that will be able to thwart the thieves and make their lives more difficult. By adding a car tracker to the system to work along with the car alarm, you will have a much better chance of stopping the theft. Even if you are not able to stop the theft, there is a much better chance of getting the vehicle back when it is still nearby and can be tracked.

When you use a car tracker, you will know where your car is and when it has been driven. You will also find that many insurance companies will even offer lower insurance premiums for those who have additional elements added to their car anti-theft system. While there are certainly a number of benefits to using a car tracker, it is important to make sure a high-quality tracker has been installed.

The Benefits of Using the CarLock Car Tracking Device

While there are various car tracking devices available today, below you will learn more about CarLock and some of the many benefits that it can offer. It is the best option available thanks to the quality, the features, and the benefits it can provide to your car’s anti-theft system.

The tracker features the CarLock Cloud, which is essentially the link between the device that is in the car and the app you have on your phone. The device is able to track the location of the vehicle using a GPS system. It collects data and sends it to the aforementioned cloud, which is accessed through the app. The data is analyzed and the car owner is alerted to anything that seems out of place. This can provide instant notification whenever someone tries to break into the car, whenever the engine starts and you are not in it, when the vehicle is moved, and when there is a harsh acceleration.

It is also possible to add backup SMS or call notifications to receive these notifications even if you happen to be in an area at the time that does not have a reliable cellular connection. For example, this could be a benefit for those who go on vacation in a remote location and still want to be notified if something happens to their vehicle. It is easy to switch this on and off as needed.

CarLock is a high-quality device that works as a standalone unit. You’ll never have to worry about the device affecting the performance of your phone or your phone’s battery life. The system can help to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve. Whether you are at home, asleep, at work, or halfway around the world, you will always be able to keep track of your vehicle.

Before choosing the system, you will need to make sure it works with your vehicle. The device has been designed so that it will work with any vehicle that is been manufactured after 1996. This is because all of those vehicles have an OBD diagnostic port in them. The device should work with most vehicles. Of course, those who have older cars without one of these ports would not be able to use the device.

Those who are interested in the CarLock system will find that it can be a fantastic option and a simple one to add to the vehicle. It will plug right into the OBD system, which means it should only take you a few seconds to install. When you use this car tracking system in conjunction with the car alarm that is already in your vehicle, it makes for a fantastic duo by increasing the amount and type of security that you have. Thieves will have a much tougher time getting away with your car.