How to Use a Car Security System with the App

Technology has come a very long way over the past few decades, and this has helped to usher in many changes in our lives. People in the 80s had no idea that we would eventually be communicating on the go on tiny screens or that we would have the ability to use powerful satellites to track our vehicles and even tell how fast they are going. They certainly didn’t think that they would be able to control their car security system through their app. However, we know that these things are commonplace today.

Using the App for Car Security

When you choose to use CarLock to help with your car security, you will find that it is extremely easy to understand and use, even if you are not technologically savvy. You will be able to use the app to get notifications about your vehicle. It works simply, and it provides you with a range of features.

The app has a clean dashboard with a simple to understand interface. You can quickly and easily see your battery voltage, so you will always know if there is an issue with the battery. It features the SmartLock, system, so your vehicle’s doors will lock and unlock as you approach with the phone. You can examine the log to find out if there were any issues with the vehicle, such as harsh acceleration or harsh braking.

Of course, car security is much easier when you have this app installed on your phone, as well. When you use the app, you will be able to receive notifications whenever something happens with your vehicle that could present a risk. Let’s look a little closer at the different options to see exactly what you can expect from the system once you have it up and running.

Types of Alerts

You are naturally wondering just what kinds of alerts you will be able to receive through your phone when you have CarLock GPS car tracker installed. You will receive a notification if your vehicle moves outside of the locked area. You will be notified even if the vehicle is towed. You will also be alerted if the engine starts when you are not in the car. This instant notification can make all the difference when it comes to stopping theft and recovering your vehicle.

The system is powerful enough that it is even possible to detect minute vibrations in the vehicle. If someone sits in the vehicle, or if they are using tools on your vehicle, you will receive an alert. The app will let you know if the battery is on low power, as well, so you do not have to worry about any unwelcome surprises in the morning.

car security system with notifications on phone app

If someone were to find and disconnect the device, you would be alerted, as well. This is helpful not only for car security because of thieves, but also for parents of teen drivers. Some teens might want to remove the device because they soon find out what else it can track and alert their parents. For example, it will send you alerts when someone is speeding in the vehicle, or if they are taking corners too hard, if they are accelerating too harshly, or if they are braking harshly.

One of the other excellent features of this system is that it can detect when there has been a GPS jamming attempt, and it will let you know.

All of the alerts that you can get right through the app via notifications are going to help you keep your car safer than you ever thought possible.

How It All Works

Technology has come a long way for car security. With this type of system, the data from the device is sent to GPS satellites, which then send it to the CarLock cloud. The information is analyzed, and then any alerts are sent right to your phone. You will receive either a loud push notification or an SMS backup notification.

You can choose the OBD device, or you could opt to have it hardwired into your battery. It only uses a small amount of power, so there are no worries. Also, there are battery-operated options that are available, as well.

GPS Car Tracking vs. Mobile App

There are many benefits to using this mobile app for your CarLock system, particularly when compared with other GPS car tracking options. Some of the alternatives may not have a mobile app that you can take with you. Others might not be as simple to use, and you might find that they aren’t genuinely offering you real-time information. When you are working with the car security system and app from CarLock, you can be sure you are getting a quality option that is going to outshine the competition.

Some of the Best Benefits of Using CarLock and the App

It is an affordable system, it is easy to use, and it can even help to save money on your insurance. The system, and the convenience of the app help to provide people with far more peace of mind. If anything happens to their car, the notifications will be sent to their phone the moment it happens. This gives them the time they need to react and to get in touch with the authorities. The app makes monitoring many different aspects of the vehicle extremely easy for security and more.

advanced car security system

Although we might not have flying cars yet, technology has come a long way for motor vehicles, as well as for car security systems. If you want to provide your vehicle with the best possible protection, you will want to check out what CarLock can offer and make sure that you the system installed in your vehicle. It’s a simple to use system that is affordable and will provide your vehicle with the protection it needs.