CarLock tag soon unavailable

ANNOUNCEMENT – How global chip shortage is impacting CarLock

Unfortunately, CarLock didn’t manage to escape the global chip shortage and will be forced to stop offering the CarLock tag after current stock runs out. 

COVID-19 pandemic in confluence with some other factors like rising of demand for chips in new industries, faster recovery of demand for cars after the pandemic and sanctions against Chinese tech companies, who are boosting their stockpiles of in-demand chips, have spilt to CarLock suppliers which are unable to meet the demand for their products.

CarLock has been hit by this crisis and unfortunately hasn’t been able to secure enough components to meet the demand for the next quarter.

We are doing our best to find a solution but currently it looks like we won’t be able to escape a period where CarLock tag will be unavailable.

We are sorry for this situation and we thank you for your patience and for being with us in these difficult times.

We hope everything will be sorted out soon.

Stay safe!

Ian and the whole CarLock team