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CarLock upgrades its devices to 4G LTE Technology

ANNOUNCEMENT: CarLock transitions to 4G devices for US customers in July 2021 

With global advances in mobile technology and faster connectivity, CarLock wants to keep its position as one of the market leaders in after-market car security devices.

Phasing out of 3G technology and shutting down of 3G networks in the not so distant future is a risk but also an opportunity to re-imagine our service to our customers for the future. 

CarLock will therefore transition to 4G devices first for our US customers in the summer of 2021. Other markets will slowly follow but we are unable to give exact dates at the moment. 

The first CarLock 4G devices for our US customer will be available from July 2021.

We are working hard to keep the prices of the device for our customer the same with optimization of our supply chain and cutting costs in other areas of the business. 

Our mission is to offer the best technology to everyone on the market for a car security device.

We will of course keep you updated with any news that might be important for you. 

Stay safe!

Ian and the whole team at CarLock