OBD car tracker

The Advantages of an OBD Tracker Compared to a Wired One

Over the years, more and more people have started to make use of GPS trackers in business for fleets of vehicles, as well as trackers in their personal lives. Of course, with the rise in the number of options on the market, it becomes more and more difficult to know exactly what you should be considering.

What Types of Devices Are Available?

Today, there are two main styles or types of car tracking systems that you can consider. You could opt for one of the typical wired choices for car security, as well as an OBD tracker plug-in option. It is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what each of these offers, so you can see why the OBD tracker tends to have more overall benefits.

The wired tracking system will be hardwired into the vehicle. These will generally operate via power from a battery. These are generally more difficult to have installed when compared with an OBD tracker.

The OBD tracker will simply plug right into the OBD port, which is the same port that mechanics use when they are testing a vehicle and running diagnostics. It is very easy to add to any vehicle, and you will not need to have any specialized tools or knowledge to be able to do it.

While there are some benefits to the hardwired tracker, you will find that the OBD tracker tends to be easier to use all around, and it has the potential to provide you with a wealth of different benefits.

Why Should You Consider Getting a GPS Tracker for a Car Anti-Theft Device?

One of the biggest advantages of the OBD tracker systems is the ability to communicate with various vehicle subsystems. This can provide a range of different types of information on the vehicle and communicate it to the owner. The information can be accessed in a range of ways, including through apps.

Those who are considering using the system will find that it can provide better overall car security, as well. Today, most cars have car alarms. However, those alarms tend to get ignored when they go off. People are so accustomed to hearing car alarms that they do not always bother actually checking when they hear them. The use of a quality OBD tracker will instead be able to provide the owners with an alert that will go right to their phone to let them know that something is happening with the vehicle.

Phone alert GPS tracker

Those who have wanted to improve their car security will be happy with the advantages of an OBD tracker. With the right type of OBD tracker, you can be alerted whenever the vehicle’s engine has been started without you, as well as whenever the device has been disconnected from the vehicle. This means that even if a thief is smart enough to remove the OBD tracker, you will be alerted so that you can take action.

The system can let you know if your vehicle is being moved and if it is being towed away. Additionally, the system is sensitive enough that it will be able to sense when there are any strange vibrations that would indicate that power tools might be being used on the vehicle, or if someone might be trying to pry open the vehicle.

These alerts will ensure that you know what is happening with your vehicle at all times. The vehicle can be tracked in the event it is stolen, as well, which can help to make recovery easier. Those who are looking for more peace of mind will find that having a proper car tracking system and security system can make a large difference. When you use a quality system, it means you will be able to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world, and you do not even need to be anywhere near the vehicle for the alert to be sent to you.

One of the other advantages is that these are not reliant on being connected to the battery, which is what you will find with so many of the typical wired options. An OBD tracker will generally have a backup battery right in the device, which means it will always be working and providing you with the protection that you need.

While the car tracking system will work with most vehicles, before you commit to any sort of device, you will want to double-check with the manufacturer to be sure it will work with your car. If you have an older vehicle that does not have an OBD system, for example, this will not be a good solution for you. For other cars that have been made in the past several decades, it is a great choice.

More Benefits of the OBD Connection

In addition to the benefits that can be found from having an OBD tracker compared to a wired car tracker, you will also want to consider the basic benefits that an OBD connection can provide. Not only will it be easy to install, but you will also find that it makes it nice and easy to move from one vehicle to another if needed. This way, you can decide if you might need to take it along with you to work on multiple vehicles. The system will work well with most vehicles, but it will ultimately depend on where the OBD connector is located.

If you find that you do have the connector located too close to the pedals and where it might not work well for an OBD tracker, you might want to consider getting an OBD extension cable. These cables are able to provide you the same ease of use and flexibility that you expect from the OBD system, but it will allow you to put your OBD device in an area that is away from the pedals and where it will not be visible. This makes it possible for just about anyone to use this type of car anti-theft device. It could be just what you need.