car security

Top 10 Car Security Tips

We invest a lot of time and money in our cars as well as in their maintenance. And the more expensive the vehicles are, the more chances there are that they will end up getting stolen from some parking lot or even someone’s driveway. What is more, the fact that car theft is on the rise is not the only thing vehicle owners should worry about. An even bigger problem is that nowadays, car thieves use hi-tech and non-invasive techniques that make it very easy to slip under the radar and escape unnoticed. It is therefore important to take extra security measures to properly protect your vehicle against criminals. Every time you park the car, your number one priority should thus be its safety, especially during the night. To avoid unnecessary stress, take a look at our top security tips that will help you properly protect your car and minimize your chances of ever becoming an undeserving victim of car theft.

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CarLock iOS App 5.0 Release

iOS APP 5.0

The all new and improved iOS APP 5.0 is finally here. A fresh new look with lots of new features. The 5.0 release is all about customization and improved performance. We’ve listened to your feedback and made a big leap towards a better and more intuitive user experience. Read more to see the results.

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teen GPS car tracker

Use a Teen Car Tracker to Keep Young Drivers in Check

When a teenager obtains a driver’s license and gets behind the wheel on their own for the very first time, almost every parent on this planet gets at least a little bit anxious. And for good reason. We are constantly bombarded by tragic stories about young drivers involved in fatal car accidents and by statistics proving that teenagers are especially prone to exceeding speed limits or texting while driving.

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