Success Stories

CarLock helped Brennan keep hold of his Dodge Charger Scat Pack

Brennan recently discovered first-hand the value of having CarLock when he was able to prevent himself from becoming a victim of car theft while he was out of town.

Brennan was out of town and left his dream car parked in his friend’s front yard. At around 12:45 am, his friend’s girlfriend called them to say she had noticed a suspicious vehicle parked along the road, with their lights shining right at Brennan’s car.

Thinking nothing too serious was happening at first, the issue starts to really unfold when Brennan gets a notification on his phone saying that CarLock had detected a vibration. Immediately calling 911 and explaining the situation, multiple units were sent out to stop the criminals in action.

While still on the call with Brennan, his friend’s girlfriend pointed a flashlight towards Brennan’s car to see a hooded man running into the other vehicle, before speeding off towards the highway.

Thanks to the quick response from the sheriffs, police officers were able to stop the car before it was too late. Upon catching the criminals, they also found a number of burglary tools and specialized car-starting devices in their possession – showing that this was not the first time they had attempted this type of theft.

CarLock is there to keep your car safe

While CarLock may not be able to show that someone is in your car, it made sure that Brennan was able to prevent the theft and get into his car safe and sound the next day.

Brennan thanks CarLock for helping him keep his dream car safe, as he said, “CarLock saved me over 60k including the vehicle and what was inside of it.”

If it wasn’t for CarLock, Brennan may have dismissed the call from his friend’s girlfriend and would have never known about the criminals trying to take his car from him. All it took was one notification from CarLock to push Brennan to get the police involved, who were able to jump into action and stop the criminals in their tracks.

Brennan initially purchased CarLock to relieve the anxiety he felt when parking and to prevent theft, and our device definitely lived up to his expectations in this scenario. Now, Brennan recommends our device to drivers across the country who want to keep their car safe.

Unfortunately, some people may not be as lucky as Brennan when it comes to falling victim to car theft. If you want to keep your car safe and have peace of mind when you’re out of town, CarLock is a convenient, cost-effective solution.

Brennan also posted an Instagram post about the incident. You can find it here: