car tracker helped track a stolen vehicle
Success Stories

How CarLock Helped Kevin Get his Stolen Car Back

Kevin N., 20, a long-time CarLock user from San Diego, California, realized his car was missing after less than 2 hours of being parked in front of his girlfriend’s house on Monday, August 20. When the police had already given up, he found his stolen vehicle thanks to the CarLock car tracking device.

Automotive influencer (@dhisvietboy_dc4), who was born and raised around cars his whole life, was at his girlfriend’s house after attending the Clean Culture Car Show in LA, when he noticed his rio yellow Acura Integra had disappeared. The young couple could not believe what had happened. However, according to the data provided by the CarLock car tracking app, the car was located only 15 minutes drive away.

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CarLock Tag

The CarLock Tag

We are very excited to announce the first hardware extension to the CarLock car security solution — the CarLock Tag. The Carlock tag is a small Bluetooth device that connects directly to the CarLock app on your phone and automates the unlocking and locking of your car’s location. By default, your car’s location can be automatically unlocked when the CarLock Tag is within range of your phone and automatically locked when it is out of range.

Currently, the CarLock Tag is supported only on devices running iOS platform (iPhone). We did some extensive testing on Android devices and unfortunately, the Android operating systems on most Android phones proved to be very unreliable when detecting the CarLock Tag. We are working on the solution for this issue, but currently, the CarLock Tag is not supported on the Android platform.

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