How to Install a GPS Tracker in a Car

Having a GPS tracker for your vehicle can make all the difference in the world when it comes to recovering that car after a theft, tracking the vehicle as shipments are being made, or even making sure that your teen drivers are not straying further from home than you allow. Many types of tracking devices are available today, and this means that many different installation methods can be used.

Below, we’ll be looking at the methods you can use to install a GPS tracker in your car using CarLock.

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carlock saves 35.000
Success Stories

CarLock helped James save $35,000.00, his business and his livelihood

James from Louisiana was lucky enough to plug in CarLock just a day before his truck and dump trailer were stolen. With the help of CarLock, he recovered his vehicle in 20 minutes!

Sometimes you just have to believe there is someone or something watching over you.

How else could we explain James installing CarLock just a day before his truck was stolen.

Especially as he didn’t have full coverage and was facing a huge potential loss.

Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time can change your life quickly

James left his vehicle to check his parking and in a couple of seconds, the truck was gone.

He had this to say:

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CarLock GPS Tracker

See your car more real-time and keep your data longer!

After a lot of development and upgrades we are proud to offer you 2 new extended features that can further improve your CarLock experience.

At CarLock, we are driven to deliver features you request.

And today is the first step to offering you a CarLock experience more suited to your needs.

(Definately not the last one, we promise.)

Our minimum quality standards are already very high (also judging by our competition), but we understand some of you want more.

Better and faster.

So today is a big day for us offering these new possibilites for the first time, but hopefully even bigger for those of you excited about taking advantage of them.

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