CarLock Deep Sleep Mode

CarLock introduces an intelligent feature called Deep Sleep Mode, designed to conserve vehicle battery power when your vehicle remains idle for an extended period. In this blog post, we will delve into the functionalities of the Deep Sleep Mode and how it optimizes battery consumption during periods of inactivity. We understand the need for reliable vehicle security solutions without compromising the vehicle’s battery life. 

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Success Stories

“The thief used a key programmer to steal my Challenger!”

It was an ordinary evening when Dante went to bed after a long day at work. He intended to wake up at 7 am to hit the gym before heading to work, but was abruptly awakened by his smartphone alarm almost two hours earlier! Once he realized it was earlier than he thought, he became aware that the noise he heard was not his alarm, but rather an alert from his CarLock car’s security system indicating someone was tampering with his vehicle.

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