Car theft attempt
Success Stories

CarLock recovered a 100k vehicle that would most likely disappear for good

It was a normal working day for Chuck on Monday, 31st of May, when in the middle of the day, at 2 PM, the CarLock app started beeping. He didn’t give much attention to this vibration alert until there was another one. A different one.

”Then I got a vehicle started alert and then movement alert and I knew it was being stolen.”
Chuck reported.

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CarLock chip shortage

CarLock Available Amid Global Chip Shortage Crisis

CarLock was able to secure enough stock to offer its products without interruptions

Unlike some of the competitors that were forced to stop offering their products due to global semiconductor shortages, we were prepared for the crisis and created sufficient stock of hardware components to continue offering our security solution.

Long-term partnership with major telematics systems suppliers and the commitment to be available for our customers have played a major role in our decisions to secure larger quantities of the necessary components than usual. Therefore we expect to weather the storm of global production shortages mostly unharmed.

This is currently giving us the opportunity to serve the aftermarket telematics and security devices market in these times of high uncertainty caused by the global pandemic.

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CarLock tag soon unavailable

ANNOUNCEMENT – How global chip shortage is impacting CarLock

Unfortunately, CarLock didn’t manage to escape the global chip shortage and will be forced to stop offering the CarLock tag after current stock runs out. 

COVID-19 pandemic in confluence with some other factors like rising of demand for chips in new industries, faster recovery of demand for cars after the pandemic and sanctions against Chinese tech companies, who are boosting their stockpiles of in-demand chips, have spilt to CarLock suppliers which are unable to meet the demand for their products.

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Most stolen cars in the UK - Car security, car alarm

The Top Stolen Cars in the UK

It’s reported that vehicle thefts are on the rise in the United Kingdom. In 2020, there were close to 20,000 more instances of car theft than there were reported in 2019. It was revealed that there were 74,769 vehicles stolen. When breaking this down per day, it equals more than 200 cars. This is a large number of vehicles, so owners will want to be sure they are careful.

Those who are considering buying a new vehicle might want to consider looking at the most commonly stolen cars in the UK before making their purchase. Some makes and models of vehicles tend to be higher on the list when it comes to stolen cars.

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