Critical alerts now available for CarLock iOS users

Critical alerts are special notifications containing important information, related to security, weather, or health, that are received even when the iOS devices are in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. They cannot be turned off, as they provide the most essential information for a user. However, the critical alert notification option needs to be turned on if you want to receive this type of alerts even when your phone is in Do Not Disturb. We are happy to announce Apple has approved critical alerts for the CarLock app and this option is now available for the iOS users.

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CarLock App 4.0 Update


We’re sorry to hear TomTom will no longer support the Curfer app and the OBD device with updates or fixes as of 14/07/2020. We would like to help TomTom Curfer customers with the exclusive opportunity to get a 20% discount on the CarLock device and to replace TomTom CURFER device with a new CarLock device. All you need to do to benefit from this offer is to follow the steps below:

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GPS car tracker

Top 10 most asked CarLock-related questions

Every time you consider purchasing a new gadget, you probably wonder what features a particular solution offers and what its advantages and disadvantages are. To get a direct answer, you might even get in touch with the team members of your favorite brand to get as much information as possible before the purchase is made. There are always a number of product-related questions that are asked much more frequently than others, and the same applies to the CarLock GPS car tracker. To get a clearer picture of the CarLock solution, let’s go through the top 10 most asked questions.

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car security

OBD port connected car car tracker buying guide & Why CarLock is a great choice

Installing an advanced GPS car tracking system in your vehicle is essential if you want to keep your vehicle safe and get notified in case of a car break-in. However, there are a number of different types and models of GPS car tracking devices on the market today, and not every type is as effective as you might expect. Since a GPS car tracker is not just another tech toy, but rather a long-term investment in car security, you will want to make sure you choose a high-quality device. Let’s take a look at some of the details you should pay attention to.

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car park
Success Stories

CarLock helped Sam track the vehicle that caused damage to his car!

Sam, a long-time CarLock user, headed to work just as usual on Wednesday, May 20, when he noticed that his car had been damaged during the night along with the further two vehicles in the parking lot. Thanks to the CarLock car tracking device, he was able to determine the exact time of the incident and help the police to locate the vehicle that had caused the damage. 

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