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Stuck with your Automatic device? CarLock can help!

We’re sorry to hear Automatic made a decision to shut down the operations, service, and the platform on May 28. We would like to help Automatic customers with the exclusive opportunity to get a 20% discount on the CarLock device and to replace your non-functional Automatic device with a new CarLock device that basically offers almost the same functionalities as the Automatic product! All you need to do to benefit from this offer is to follow the steps below:

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car theft


The spread of coronavirus disease is shaking up the global economy and will almost inevitably lead to a new recession. On 16th March, the Dow Jones reached a new record, losing 2,997.10 points to close at 20,188.52, which is considered the biggest drop on record in the history of the United States. Statistics show that economic factors often led to higher unemployment rates, which had a negative impact on career paths, especially among young people. As a result, criminal activities, including car theft and car burglaries, are among the most frequently observed crime phenomena that occur in times of recession. 

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