New GPS Device Launches to Keep Cars Secure around the Clock

Keeping track of prized wheels just got easier with the launch of new car security device, CarLock. An all inclusive solution for the security of your car, CarLock uses remote GPS technology so owners can track the location and movements of their car from a mobile device. No more bulky key chains or constantly faulty alarms, just an instant and easy to manage way to keep vehicles protected from anywhere at any time.

The product plugs directly into the car diagnostic port that emits a constant GPS signal to the CarLock Cloud. It is complemented by a specialized application that picks up the signal and immediately notifies the owner with a loud warning sound should a series of multiple suspicious activities occur. These include the vehicle moving outside the monitored area, notifications when the engine is started, warnings when the device is disconnected, notices if the GPS signal is lost through potential jamming attempts and alerts for any irregular car vibrations. CarLock will also issue alerts for when car batteries are low, making the device a security essential as well as a practical piece of equipment.

While the app can be actively monitored, it is designed to work even when it is not running, giving a car complete round the clock protection at all times.

The app can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and is compatible with most smartphones. While some apps rapidly drain phone battery life, the built-in cellular and GPS antenna mean the connected phone performance and battery life is not affected in any way.

Time is of the utmost essence when it comes to recovering stolen vehicles, research indicating that the chances of finding a vehicle that is not reported within 24 hours of theft as close to none. To add to the heavily weighted statistics of recovery, the vehicle stealing process is extremely fast, average thefts played out in just 10 seconds. CarLock instantly removes the potential for any wasted time, informing owners immediately when their car has been tampered with or moved.

Sending warnings directly to the owner makes CarLock far more effective than traditional alarms that are intended to scare thieves off. Research has shown that up to 99% of car alarms are triggered falsely. The sheer volume of false car alarm experiences is now ingrained in society, Progressive Insurance Company findings indicating that less than 1% of respondents would call the police upon hearing a car alarm or warning siren.  Without the owner around to confirm attempted theft, this renders traditional car alarms practically useless. The CarLock device provides as hassle free solution to the problem, giving owners peace of mind as well as keeping the streets free from constant unnecessary wailing sirens.

The device is of the highest quality European manufacturing and comes with two-year warranty. Current CarLock subscription plans are available across Europe and the UK.

CarLock is now accepting pre-orders for the new device which is set to hit shelves in April.