CarLock Now Shipping to US

Car-lovers in the US can now protect their precious wheels and remotely track the location of their beloved vehicles with the overseas launch of the innovative new device, CarLock. The all-inclusive car security solution utilises remote GPS technology to give car owners total peace of mind when it comes to the location of their motor – and it’s now available to ship to address across America.

Created in the EU and now available to buy across the Atlantic, CarLock means an end to bulky key chains and faulty car alarms – the instant, easy-to-manage tracking device helps to keep vehicles protected from any location. Plugging directly into the car’s diagnostic port, it then communicates messages with the cloud-hosted server, CarLock Cloud. From here, car owners can use their laptops, smartphones or tablet devices to track the location and movements of their car simply and easily.

A spokesman for CarLock says, “We’re thrilled to announce that our CarLock device is now available for shipping to addresses across the US. It’s been snapped up by hundreds of drivers over here in the EU, and we look forward to being able to ensure cars are protected and secure across the pond too.”

With a multitude of security features guaranteed to set user’s minds at rest whenever they leave their vehicle, CarLock is a must-have for those who prize their cars. The device is highly intuitive – it sends notifications when the engine is started, when the device is disconnected, it notifies the owner if the GPS signal is lost and picks up on any irregular car vibrations. Suspicious activity will not go unnoticed by the owners, no matter where they are – loud warning sounds and alarms are more than enough to alert them to a problem. Alongside the security aspect, CarLock is also a practical essential – it issues alerts when car batteries are low, so there’ll never be a sudden breakdown again.

CarLock is far more effective than many of the traditional car alarms which are only intended to scare potential car thieves away. False car alarms are often dismissed as an annoyance and totally ignored by owners, whereas the CarLock’s notification system only sends an alert when it detects a real problem. The faster the owner of the vehicle can react to a potential theft flagged up by the device, the better chance they have of recovering the vehicle should it be stolen.

The app has been designed to function when it’s not actively running on a smartphone or a tablet – meaning the vehicle it’s linked with is granted complete, round-the-clock protection. Mobile device users don’t need to worry about the app draining their battery life either, as the GPS antenna and the cellular receiver within the CarLock device mean that there are no detrimental effects on phones or tablets when the app is in use.

The CarLock app is available to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, making it widely accessible for users of any mobile device. A monthly subscription to use CarLock is required, but at just under $10.00 per month, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and security where an expensive vehicle is concerned.

CarLock is now accepting orders for the new device across the US.