A Ride To Remember

Whether we like to admit it or not, the type of the car we own impacts romantic relationships. Cycling with your crush can always be exciting, but being carless can limit your mobility as well as dating activities. But it’s not only the type of the car we own, more often than not, it is the behaviour exhibited by the car owner that does all the magic. Here are some tips to help you spark up your Valentine’s Day.

People generally don’t judge others by their car’s brand and age but by the fact how well their vehicle is maintained. Can you imagine dating a person with a car full of garbage and cigarette butts? Before inviting someone into your car, make sure the back seats don’t look like a rubbish dump. Make space for people to sit comfortably in your car. The way you care about your car also indicates how well you maintain your personal things and how organized your life is.

Young Couple In A Car

  1. Make sure you have the right music on and the volume is not too high. When you have people in your car, especially someone you like, make sure the music is not too loud, unless you met on the same music festival or through the same music message board. Your passengers should feel comfortable sitting next to you. Go for something more neutral and pleasant, something everyone will like.
  2. As long as you drive emergency vehicles, like firefighters, policemen and paramedics, speed is considered something that can save lives. The stereotype based on movies that associates the sex appeal with fast driving, is not always true. Most people are not impressed by those who constantly push their limits on the road and put their as well as other people’s lives in danger by their irresponsible and risky behavior.
  3. Luckily, CarLock solution can track your driving behavior and thus help you improve your driving skills. It detects troubling driving behavior like unusual acceleration or hard and sudden braking that could potentially make you passengers feel uncomfortable. Additionally, CarLock also provides a complete trip history overview, which can also help you and your loved ones analyze driving behavior and prevent any further incidents on the road.

Let any ride with your loved ones be smoother than ever. Even though you don’t have a significant other, you can always count on your car. Enjoy your romantic trips with CarLock.