Blog Series: Common Car Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Almost all of us have been driving a car since late teens. Cars are our best friends and we can’t even imagine living without them. However, our vehicles can sometimes break down when we least expect it.

Car repairs can drain our pockets and if any problem occurs, most of us will pretend our vehicles are running just fine until small issues turn into bigger and more expensive ones resulting in a breakdown. Instead of procrastinating, you can learn how to fix the most common car problems yourself. To help you out, we have prepared a series of instructional tips, which will be published on a 10-day basis.

As we know you will be impatiently waiting for the upcoming blog post series, we’ve already prepared a few tips for today. Check them out!

How to replace your wiper blades?

Wiper blades are made out of thin rubber and can easily get worn out, especially in areas with more snow and rainfall. Regularly replaced wiper blades can undeniably increase every driver’s safety. The following tips will help you replace worn out wiper blades:

•    Determine the type of wiper blades that will fit your vehicle and measure the size of the wiper blade to be changed.
•    Lift the metal arm away from the windshield. Use caution as the metal arm could slip back and crack the windshield. You can also protect the windshield with a piece of cloth.
•    Press a small stopper holding the blade to separate the blade from the wiper arm. Insert a new blade and attach it tightly onto the metal arm. Gently press the wiper back onto the windshield.

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