5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Winters with their unpredictable nature can be challenging for vehicles. Ice, snow, sand and salt that come in enormous quantities during cold winter days can damage your car’s wheels as well as paint. As spring is finally here, you might feel the need to roll up your sleeves and clean your car after a long, gray and grimy winter.

Even if you don’t come from a snowy region, spring car cleaning should be part of everyone’s annual car maintenance routine. Your car will definitely appreciate the following spring car cleaning tips that will make it shine and look awesome in warmer months.

  1. Remove the Winter Tires
    This may be obvious, but many of us will never replace winter tires with the all-season ones. Leaving your winter tires on during the whole year can actually cause great damage and can be even dangerous. In fact, winter tires contain a rubber compound that would wear down quickly on roads clear of ice. So it’s recommended to use all-season tires in warmer months when roads are hot and dry.
  2. Wash Car’s Exterior
    Wash and wax your car’s exterior to get rid of the salt, dust, and mud. It is recommended to start with a car wash and finish off with a car wax. Wax, which you can buy as a liquid or a spray, has many benefits, as it strengthens the paint and adds a special shiny effect. Make sure you also clean all the headlights and mirrors. For this, you can use any specialized glass hard-surface cleaner. Spring car washing is a must, so don’t wait for the first spring rainfall to do it for you!
  3. Clean the Trunk
    A lot of useless stuff may pile up in your vehicle trunk during winter. When the grass turns green, there will be empty fluid bottles and many winter items you no longer need. It’s time to collect all the rubbish and recycle it when possible. You should also vacuum out any debris, dust or dirt. Make some space for new things and don’t forget to shake the trunk carpet liner.
  4. Clean the Inside
    When you clean the inside, don’t forget to lift up the floor mats and clean what’s underneath. You will be surprised to find out what has collected there during winter. You should also check under the seats and vacuum all the dirt and dried salt. Don’t ignore your vehicle’s seats. Make sure you don’t use any chemicals, which can cause damage, and rub the seats with a wet cloth instead.
  5. Look Under the Hood
    This is a place where all the dirt that can harm your engine gets trapped. Clean engine undeniably extends the life of your vehicle as well as prevents any further mechanical issues. When cleaning under the hood, make sure the engine is off and you remove all the battery cables. It is also advisable to clean the engine compartment with a soap and water. To ensure the water won’t reach the sensitive areas, don’t forget to dry off your engine.