portable tracking device magnetic case

The CarLock Portable Magnetic Case

A high-quality water-resistant CarLock Portable magnetic case is a great addition to the CarLock Portable tracking device. It offers a durable protection for the device as two strong magnets hold it firmly in place. Easily attach the device to any flat metallic surface. Works great on vehicles.

Magnetic case for the GPS vehicle tracker

With the CarLock Portable magnetic case, you can attach the CarLock Portable device to your car, trailer, tool chests, work machinery, and other valuables.

  • No installation required.
  • Durable plastic.
  • IP67 water-resistant.
  • Two strong magnets.
  • Perfect fit for the CarLock Portable device.
CarLock Portable Magnetic Case measurements

The CarLock Portable Magnetic Case size

How to Use the CarLock Portable Magnetic Case

The CarLock Portable magnetic case is a perfect fit for the CarLock Portable device.

When the device is powered on, insert it into the case and close the cover. Use a smaller Phillips screwdriver to fasten the two screws that hold the case cover in place.

The device inside the case should be fixed firmly in place and there should be no rattling sound when the case is shaken. If you hear any unusual sound, use the foam stickers to provide additional padding to the device.

CarLock Portable magnetic case placement

The CarLock Portable car tracker is now ready to attach to any metallic surface, inside or outside the vehicle.

GPS tracker magnetic case placement

If you have any questions about the CarLock portable magnetic case, contact us at info@carlock.co.

The CarLock Team