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Are you constantly worried about your vehicle’s security or your teen’s behavior behind the wheel? You should consider getting the CarLock OBD car tracker, the best GPS car tracking solution on the market that offers a wide variety of advanced features many car owners are looking for. While the navigation system, which is very popular among drivers, only displays car’s location and driving directions while drivers are on the move, modern GPS car tracking systems provide users with the real-time location, driving performance details and even additional vehicle information even when they are not in the car themselves. They can simply check up on their vehicles via an app on the phone.

To give you an idea of how the CarLock GPS car tracking system can help its users and what it offers, we prepared a list of the main product functionalities and its benefits in different situations.


CarLock GPS car tracker was designed mainly for security purposes, therefore providing the most advanced unique security features on the car tracking market. It enables users to be notified if the vehicle has been started by an unauthorized person, if any unusual vibrations have been detected, if the CarLock device has been disconnected, and if the vehicle has been moved or towed away.

Real-time GPS car tracking device

Our OBD car tracker is much better and more reliable than any car alarm system on the market, and for a very simple reason: people have actually become immune to traditional car alarm noises due to a large number of false alarms activated on a daily basis just by passing traffic. The CarLock car tracking solution combines a GPS car tracking system and the alarm feature that is set off only if someone is trying to break into the car or tow it away. It allows simple car monitoring and car tracking, either via the app on a cell phone or the web app. The location of the car is displayed by a green or red circle around the car, which indicates if the vehicle is armed (red – security notifications enabled) or not armed (green – security notifications disabled). If the car is armed, the CarLock owner will receive the security push notification every time an unexpected event is detected on the vehicle. When a vehicle leaves the armed area, CarLock triggers a push notification and starts following the moving vehicle.

The CarLock Tag (iOS only), a small Bluetooth CarLock accessory, even enables automatization of the security features, which is managed based on the owner’s distance from the vehicle.


As a result of high demand for the driving score feature as well as to ensure additional peace of mind for parents of teenage children, the CarLock system also offers the teen tracking functionality. It enables parents to keep an eye on their youngsters and monitor their behavior behind the wheel. The frustrating truth is that young drivers are more prone to being involved in fatal accidents due to the lack of skill as well as overconfidence that usually results from peer pressure.

real-time GPS car tracker phone app CarLock

The CarLock car tracker system actually also detects troubling driving performance and provides push notifications via mobile phone in case of reckless driving behaviour. Users are notified when a vehicle is being driven over the speed limit and even when fast acceleration, sharp cornering or harsh braking are detected. All the events are available and can be viewed in the log and displayed simply via the app on the smartphone. What is more, the CarLock dashboard screen even displays the driving score info, which is calculated based on the number and the type of reckless driving events. CarLock owners can even compare the average score of the current month with the average score of the previous month.


Over 52% of all car breakdowns result from a dead car battery, which is usually the case during the winter, and there’s nothing worse than getting stuck on your way to work on a freezing winter morning. With its advanced notification system, the CarLock solution helps to prevent the breakdowns long before they happen. It offers the so-called “virtual mechanic” feature that actively monitors the car’s electrical system and notifies its users in case the car battery voltage is running abnormally low and if the high battery drain is detected. In the event of low battery, CarLock users receive the “high battery drain” alert and can quickly check whether the lights have been left on. When the battery voltage goes critically low, users are notified with the help od a “low battery” notification. In case the battery goes completely dead, the CarLock tracking system provides the “device disconnected” alert, meaning the vehicle power has run out.

Real-time GPS car tracking device and phone app

To prevent any hacking intentions and provide maximum security for car owners, the CarLock unit is designed in a way it does not connect to the car computer and thus does not collect any diagnostic data. Our OBD car tracker device actually uses only pin 4 and 16 from the OBD connector. Those 2 pins provide the power supply and enable the CarLock system to display information on the vehicle’s electrical system.


The CarLock solution enables constant vehicle monitoring and automatically logs the trips that were taken. It offers an advanced overview of trips, which can be displayed simply via the app on the phone. Besides the trip log showing the history of trips that were taken with a vehicle, CarLock also provides accurate information on trips duration as well as the driving distance.

Real-time GPS car tracking device and phone app CarLock

To allow CarLock users to monitor how many miles one has made as well as how many hours were spent for business and separately for private errands, the CarLock team implemented the feature to classify trips as personal or business. Every new trip that is automatically classified as personal can later be tagged as “business” simply via the CarLock app. Once the trips have been tagged, they can easily be identified according to the color (blue – personal, orange – business). Trips can even be exported separately from web app to the user’s computer either in a CSV or XLS file format.


Owners of small businesses, such as car rental, taxi companies or delivery services, are prone to stress over their business vehicles as well as worry about their employees’ driving behavior. Company vehicles make an important component for many small businesses and it is crucial to properly protect them.

Thanks to the multi-vehicle monitoring option, CarLock GPS car tracker enables multi-vehicle monitoring and management within the same CarLock account. Small fleet owners are, therefore, allowed to add multiple vehicles to their CarLock account, easily switch among business vehicles and getting notified for each of their vehicles separately. Additionally, the auto-lock scheduler feature allows scheduling time to automatically disable security monitoring when a certain business vehicle is in use, whereas the security features are automatically enabled when the vehicle is parked. This helps to detect unauthorized driving of company vehicles and can prevent potential theft attempts. What is more, trip logs allow business owners to analyze their employees’ driving performance as well as help them detect whether a certain company vehicle has been used for private purposes.

real-time GPS car tracking device for fleet monitoring - CarLock

CarLock GPS car tracker is a must-have for anyone who values their vehicles as well as for parents of teenage kids. It combines cloud computing, internet storage, GPS satellite tracking and a modern-day phone app (Android & iOS) in one affordable car tracking solution, and can even lower the insurance fees! The system is available to purchase on Amazon and offers the most affordable subscription compared to other car tracking solutions on the market. 

Work and sleep without worry and monitor your car with just a simple tap on your cell phone to stay notified at all times with the best OBD car tracker solution!