Car alarm security app

Differences between the CarLock Basic plan and the standard CarLock subscription plan

Due to the uncertainty related to the COVID-19, people are now forced to choose between the essential and the non-essential things. We are aware that many people have already lost their jobs or had their income reduced. Despite the current situation, we still want to ensure the protection for your vehicle, so we decided to offer you the option to purchase the CarLock Basic subscription. Below are the details of the differences between your current standard and the CarLock Basic subscription.


The annual recurring Basic plan we offer is 10-15% cheaper (based on the currency and country) than the standard subscription you are currently paying.

Security notifications

If you choose the Basic subscription plan, you will continue to receive all notifications as before and will be able to view the history of your notifications (vehicle moved, device disconnected, vibrations detected, engine started, signal lost, battery empty, rough driving). All the security features remain unchanged.


You will still be able to monitor your vehicle in real-time in my.CarLock app or in the CarLock mobile app. You will also see all the information about your last recorded route.

What is the difference

Unfortunately, the Teenage driver monitoring,  Virtual mechanic and Trip tracking features are not covered by the CarLock Basic subscription. For this reason, you won’t be able to see:

  • the average mileage of the previous month, 
  • the average driving score of the current month, 
  • the total number of kilometers driven in the current month, 
  • the total time behind the wheel,
  • car battery status,
  • detailed trip logs,
  • weekly reports.