GPS car tracking
Success Stories


Krystal H. from Florida took her Nissan 370Z to the Nissan dealership for a failing master cylinder and slave cylinder. Just a few hours later, she received the “vibration detected”, “engine started” and “vehicle moved” notifications via the CarLock app on her smartphone. She initially ignored the alerts as she thought the service technicians were probably taking the vehicle for a test drive but she later realized they actually went joyriding in her car for 1.5 h!

“My car had traveled to a sub shop, then to a neighborhood and was sitting next to an empty lot. The log indicated 4 harsh driving alerts and then the device was disconnected,” Krystal reported. Her mind went to the worst — that her car had been stolen and the device had been thrown out of the window. She quickly called the service technicians and verified whether they had her vehicle under control. She was put on hold and while waiting for the person on the line to return, she received the “vehicle moved” and the “harsh acceleration” alerts as well as noticed the car was on the way back towards the Nissan dealership.

Krystal was told her car was only taken out for a test drive but having the CarLock app on her phone, she could prove the dealership staff wrong and immediately sent the screenshots of harsh events and trip logs to the dealership general manager that got involved. “Not only did the GM agree that the tech went joyriding in my car, but that he did so while the master and slave cylinders were broken, causing any number of additional issues,” she said.

GPS car tracking
Krystal  with her Nissan 370Z

The dealership manager took over all repairs and ended up replacing the clutch, press plate, flywheel, O2 sensor, gave it an oil change, hand detail, and a full tank of gas, on top of the master and slave cylinder. The repairs would have totaled $4500, but the GM of the Nissan service department took care of everything, free of charge. There is no doubt CarLock was crucial in detecting unusual vehicle events and providing detailed logs as a proof for unprofessional behavior. However, a great number of similar events, unfortunately, remain undetected.

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