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Does a Car Security System Send Phone Alerts?

You know that ensuring the safety of your vehicle is extremely important. Imagine just how much more difficult most things in life would be if you did not have your vehicle to take you from place to place. Getting to and from work would be difficult, and so would getting to the store. Having your vehicle stolen today is a genuine threat, and it is estimated that a vehicle is stolen once every 6.5 seconds in the United States alone. Therefore, having more security for your vehicle is essential. However, you need to make sure that you have the right type of car security system for your vehicle.

There are several options out there, and some of them are better suited to providing actual protection to your vehicle than others are. Ideally, you will want to choose a system that can provide you with phone alerts and notifications. Unfortunately, this is not an option with all of the security systems for cars that are available today.

Types of Car Security Systems

Consider some of the different types of car security systems that are used today, and that have been used in the past. While many of them were good solutions when they were first introduced, that does not mean that they hold up today. Locking mechanisms and steering wheel locks were a popular option in the 80s and 90s to help protect the vehicle. Car alarm systems were also a popular option, and they continue to be a part of most vehicles today. However, they are not providing you with the type of safety and security than you might think.

Consider just how easy it is for most car thieves with any level of experience to get through the door locks and even the steering wheel locks. With the right tools, they can be in the car and on their way within a matter of minutes.

Even with car alarms, you are not nearly as safe as you might imagine. Thieves know what to look for with car alarms, and even though you might have invested in a high-quality car security system, they can often stop the alarm from going off quickly. Even if the alarm continues to blare for a few seconds, most people will ignore it. These alarms have become just another part of the daily noise that people hear today.

You will also find that these types of systems are not going to alert you that anything is wrong with your vehicle. You might not know that there is even an issue until the vehicle is long gone, and the only recourse you have left is to file a police report. Instead of using outdated alarms and other car security systems, you need to make it a point to find a better solution.

Fortunately, some options can provide you with notifications. They are easy to use and more affordable than many people might realize.

How Should a Notification System Work?

How will you know when someone is trying to break into your vehicle? How will you know when your vehicle is being moved or perhaps towed? How will you know if someone starts your car’s engine without you in the vehicle? These things would be impossible to know if you don’t have the right type of car security system. Ideally, you are going to have a GPS car tracker that is also sensitive and smart enough that it can provide you with real-time alerts letting you know details about your vehicle.

With a quality notification system, the information that is gleaned by the device you have placed in your vehicle will then be sent to the cloud. There, it will be parsed and stored, and pertinent information about your vehicle can then be sent as an alert to your phone. This gives you near real-time feedback on what’s happening with your vehicle, allowing you to respond quickly if there is an issue.

CarLock: Notifications and Benefits

One of the very best options for car security systems today is CarLock. The system can track the location of your vehicle using GPS, but it is far more than just a tracker. You will find that it’s a good way to get up to date information on your vehicle and even how people are driving the car.

advanced real-time gps car tracker with phone app

The device will track the location of the vehicle and how it is being driven. The data collected is sent to the CarLock cloud through the mobile network, where the data is analyzed. If there is any unexpected activity, you will be alerted via a loud push notification on your phone. You will be alerted if your vehicle is moving without you inside, if any strange vibrations might indicate someone is trying to steal your vehicle.  The system can even tell if someone is accelerating too quickly or taking rough corners in the vehicle. This could be helpful for those who have teen drivers.

In addition to the alerts, it is possible to add backup SMS and call notifications to your system. This way, if there is a bad cellular connection, or if you do not want to pay high roaming prices when you are traveling. You will be able to switch the SMS and call notifications on and off as needed. You can even be alerted when the “do not disturb” feature has been enabled. Those who have an iPhone can also set their phone to ring with an alert when it is in silent mode.

It’s Time to Consider All of the Benefits CarLock can Offer

CarLock is more than just a GPS tracker. It is a car security system that can provide you with actual notifications about your vehicle. It ensures that you have complete knowledge over what’s happening with your vehicle at all times, no matter where you might be located. The security system for cars is easy to install and to use, and it can provide you with the information you need to keep your vehicle safe.