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Car Alarms – Wired and Non-Wired Options

You know that you need to have a quality car alarm system to help keep your vehicle as safe as possible. Even though you might not think anyone will steal your vehicle, it’s far better to be prepared than to become a victim. Having the right type of protection for your vehicle will help to reduce the risk for your vehicle and will provide you with more peace of mind no matter where you have to park.

When you are looking at the options available for car alarms today, you will find that there are both wired and non-wired options. Which of these is right for your needs? What’s the difference? It’s time to look at bit closer at some of the types of alarms that are out there, so you can get a better idea of why a system like CarLock might be a good choice.

Car Alarms and How they Work

How much faith are you putting in traditional car alarms? If an audible alarm is the only type of protection you have for your vehicle, then you are putting far too much trust in them. These alarms are not as effective as they used to be, at least not if you are using them on their own.

The alarms that come with most cars today, as well as some of the aftermarket options, are only able to provide you an auditory defense. Many thieves already know how to disable these alarms. Others have different types of strategies when they are stealing vehicles that can bypass those types of alarm systems. For example, they might have a cloned key or perhaps they just stole your keys. If the only thing you have is a standard car alarm, you won’t know until it’s too late.

There are many types of car alarms today that go beyond what you can expect with a traditional alarm.

When you choose a system like CarLock, you will know whenever someone is entering your vehicle. You will be alerted to strange vibrations in the vehicle, as well. The system will provide a notification in the event your vehicle is moved. The CarLock system works with your smartphone to ensure you always know what’s happening with your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, the GPS car tracking system can follow the vehicle, as well, which helps to aid in recovery. Knowing that your vehicle has been stolen or broken into as soon as possible can help law enforcement, as well.

Why CarLock is a Great Advantage to Standard Alarms

CarLock is a quality system that will make keeping track of your vehicle and improving its safety much easier. The system is easy to use, and you will find that there are several options available for installation, as noted below. The app for the system will work with iOS and Android devices, so you can always find out what’s happening with your vehicle through your smartphone. If you have a connection, there’s no need to worry.

Real-time GPS tracker and car alarm CarLock

Benefits of Wired and Non-Wired Car Alarm Options

Knowing that CarLock is a great option is just part of the battle, though. You will also want to learn about the different methods of connection to your vehicle to ensure you are getting the right option. Let’s look at the different options and some of the benefits that each of these can offer.

One of the first and most popular options is the plug-in OBD connector that will connect to the vehicle’s OBD connector. This is a nice choice because it tends to be the simplest to install. You won’t need to have any special knowledge or tools to do it. Just plug it in and use your phone to connect to the app. It’s fast and easy, and most people will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Even though the plug-in option connects to the OBD port, it’s not truly considered a wired version since it is not hardwired. This does mean that it is easy to remove this system if people look for it and know to remove it. However, the CarLock app will provide you with a notification whenever the system has been removed from a vehicle.

To make this device less visible, you might want to use an OBD extension cable. This will help to remove the device from sight and make it more difficult to access for thieves. It can also ensure that it’s not too close to the pedals.

OBD extension cable

There is also the option of a hardwired version that you might want to choose. A mechanic can install the CarLock device under the cash and connect it to the vehicle’s electrical system to provide power. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a car alarm and a tamper-proof notification system.

Finally, you have the option of choosing a battery-powered version. This is a good option for those who are looking for more flexibility in placing the device. It has a battery that provides power, and the device itself is small. This means you can place it anywhere in the vehicle to hide it. It’s possible for home use with vehicles, to put into trailers, to use with work machinery, and much more.

If you choose to use a CarLock device that’s powered by a battery, you will want to be sure that you check on those batteries regularly. You don’t want them to run out of juice when they are needed to keep your vehicle safe. Fortunately, the system does not use much battery power.

Make CarLock a Part of Your Car Alarm System

If you have a traditional alarm, you are not doing enough to keep your vehicle safe. Those audible-only alarms are not effective at deterring many thieves, and most people don’t even look twice when they hear an alarm today. However, when you choose to supplement a traditional car alarm with a system like CarLock, you will have the peace of mind you need. The notifications you receive will help you know that your vehicle is safe no matter where you might be day or night.