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Can a Car Alarm Be Easily Disconnected?

Naturally, you want to make sure that you can keep your vehicle as safe as possible. You know that there is always the risk of someone breaking into the vehicle to steal your belongings or to take the entire vehicle. Therefore, you try to do things to reduce your risk. You have a car alarm and you try to make sure you are parking in safe, well-lit areas. However, you might not be entirely sure your alarm is enough to keep your vehicle truly safe.

It is important to look at the things that the alarms can do and where they fall somewhat short to get a better idea of what you can do to protect your vehicle further. First, let’s take a closer look at the functionalities of these alarms.

Car Alarm Functionalities and Installation

The main purpose of an alarm is to prevent theft. However, because there are so many different types of alarms on the market today, it means they often have different functionality.

There are OEM alarms, which are typically the alarms that come on the vehicles when you buy them. They were installed by the manufacturer. They will often include a remote control for the door locks, a remote control starter, a horn trigger, and often, they will have a starter/injector kill capability. These are mainly designed to keep your vehicle safe from theft, but they do not always do a good job of keeping your belongings inside of the vehicle safe. Aftermarket car alarm systems, which tend to cost a lot, can provide you with added security.

Still, they may not have the level of protection that you want and need today. There are plenty of systems that seem like they have a lot of features to help keep you safe, but thieves can still bypass them.

Thieves and Car Alarms

When vehicle alarms were first created, they were a good deterrent to thieves. People would look when they heard an alarm go off. Of course, it did not take long at all for thieves to find ways to get around those initial alarms. As time passed, the technology for the car alarms improved, but so did the knowledge and ability of car thieves. They continue to be in something of an “arms race” when it comes to security technology and ways to get past it.

While thieves will often look for vehicles that do not have alarms, most of the standard car alarms available will not keep them away. They have a range of methods they use to steal vehicles including cloning keys. When they use these methods, they do not have to worry about the alarm being triggered at all. They can simply drive off with the vehicle because the vehicles will believe that the owner is behind the wheel.

Many thieves have also found easy ways to disconnect the alarm or to stop it once it starts to go off. It is becoming easier and easier for thieves to disconnect the alarms.

In addition, if the alarm does go off, thieves tend not to sweat it. This is because our society has become so saturated with the sound of car alarms over the past several decades that they are now just a part of the background noise. Most people do not even bother looking when they hear an alarm in a parking lot or even on their own street. They simply imagine that it was user error and that the owner of the car forgot to disarm the vehicle before trying to get into the trunk.

This means that even though the alarms are an integral part of your setup when it comes to providing security for your vehicle, an alarm should not be the only source of protection that you use.

CarLock Benefits and Installation Options

In addition to having a car alarm, take an extra step to ensure that your vehicle is fully protected. The best option available today is CarLock. The system is easy to install and it has a host of features that help to make it a fantastic addition to any system you might already have in place.

CarLock car alarm and application
CarLock car alarm system and application

Let’s look at some of the advantages. With CarLock, you will have unprecedented knowledge over what is happening with your vehicle. Once the device is installed and connected, it will send data to the cloud and then analyze the information to send to your phone. If there is any pertinent information that you need to know about right away, you will be sent an alert or notification on your phone. Some of the types of alerts that you will receive include when the vehicle has been moved without you, when the engine has been started, when there are unusual vibrations, and even when the device has been disconnected.

These are just some of the benefits of using CarLock. Getting those notifications sent to your phone no matter where you might be is a huge advantage over a typical car alarm.

As for the installation, you have several options. If you want to make the device as difficult as possible to find and remove, then you may want to have it hardwired to your battery. It will not take up much of your battery power, so you will not have to worry. This will help to keep the device hidden, which will make it hard to find, and most thieves will not even bother looking for it.

CarLock Power Adapter
Car alarm power adapter

Another installation option is to use the OBD port. This simply requires that you plug the device into the OBD port on your vehicle. There are options to get some cables, so you can move the location of the device. A third option is to get a battery-powered device. This type of device has the advantage of being placed anywhere in your vehicle that is out of sight. Thieves will not think to look for a small device like this, especially when you get creative with where you hide it.

A quality car alarm system combined with CarLock can help to ensure that your vehicle has the perfect amount of protection in place.