CarLock Timer Lock

Use Power Features – Timer Lock

The CarLock SmartLock offers another valuable feature called the Timer Lock, which automatically secures your car every time you turn off the engine. This feature is quick and easy to set up, takes less than a minute, and can prove crucial in safeguarding your car against theft.

The act of manually locking the CarLock system may sometimes slip one’s mind, leaving the car susceptible to theft at a time when security is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, Timer Lock eliminates this worry and guarantees that your car is always secured, offering both peace of mind and an added layer of protection.

How to set Timer Lock?

On iPhone

On Android phone

How does it work?

CarLock’s system is equipped with the Timer Lock feature that uses the voltage level of your vehicle’s battery as a trigger to activate the CarLock security automatically. This occurs within 5-10 minutes after you turn off the engine of your car, ensuring that your vehicle is constantly safeguarded against potential theft or security breaches.

If you have any questions about CarLock security features, visit our help center for more information.

The CarLock Team