Success Stories

CarLock System Saved Another Car!

Liam was abruptly awakened by the CarLock alarm on his phone frantically making noise at 3:28 a.m. Startled, he rushed to his kitchen window, which overlooks his carport. To his shock, he saw a man at his Dodge Charger Scat Pack.

Liam ventured outside to inspect the situation. As he approached his car, his heart sank upon discovering the shattered rear driver’s side window. The intruder had managed to break into the vehicle, but thanks to CarLock, his triumph was short-lived. “The CarLock device, along with its Vibration sensors, is incredibly sensitive. Any movement in the vehicle while it is armed will trigger an immediate siren and notification,” Liam explained.

Thanks to CarLock’s prompt response and advanced security features, Liam’s cherished Dodge Charger Scat Pack remained safe. The quick and decisive alert not only prevented the theft of his car worth more than $50k but also highlighted the importance of investing in a reliable car security system. CarLock had not only safeguarded Liam’s vehicle but also granted him peace of mind, knowing that his car was protected by advanced technology.

Reflecting on the near miss, Liam couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of what might have happened without CarLock’s intervention. “If I didn’t have CarLock, he would’ve simply put my vehicle in neutral and rolled it out of the driveway,” he said with a mix of relief and gratitude.

Check out the CarLock video below and learn how can a car be just rolled out of the driveway:

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