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I like the functionality of the app, easy to use. I think the GPS is very up to date. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that you can just take it out the OBD II port if the car was actually stolen.


Hello what I like most of carlock is that i can track my vehicle at any moment and know exactly where it is. What I like least about carlock is that you dont offer the chip that disables the lock automatically with bluetooth for android yet.


The system was working fine very accurate but think that as the trips increased it has become a bit slower not sure may be atmospheric conditions


CarLock is a very cost effective and secure method to monitor your vehicles, the IOS app interface works flawlessly


The part i like most about my carlock is the notifications it gives me.I don’t think that there is anything that i would least like about the product


I am happy with it but it would be nice if the vibration detector was more sensitive or if you could turn the sensitivity Up or down with the app.


What a excellent product 5 star


I use and like all the features of CarLock.


I liked that I can track my vehicle using an app with your product. I also like that the install is simple. The app is slow to load sometimes. I understand this has to do with the internet provider speed.


I love the product it's does everything you need it to for teens safety monitoring on driving.


I like the simplicity of installation and setting up, the web and application interfaces are clean and user friendly. The driving behaviour recording is great if you have a teenager to monitor but.... I drive sports cars, the nature of driving a car like this is different from an average car thus the tracker is recording harsh acceleration, steering, and braking. So if I disable the harsh behaviour monitor then I don't want to see the logs filled with it. The trip recording is however great and I wish I had it when I was on holiday.


I love he easy smooth UX. And that it works, I see the car. wish it could zeroin better on exact locale.


I like how easy it is to use ,also that you can turn of certain functions you don’t use. I can honestly say there is nothing that I dislike.


Like: Active monitoring of vehicle status. Don't like: Inability to turn off nonsense status, i.e. harsh turns, etc. They are consequential to the roads one is driving on and have very little to do with driving style.


I like immediate notifications and the accurate locations that it provide. I don't like the latency of the car image as it moves to its destination.


What I like most about Carlock is that it notifies you about everything whether it's a vibration detected or speeding or the health report, you always know what's going on with your car. What I like least about it, that there isn't a better way to secure it so the dealer cannot unplug it. Recently my car was at the dealer and they unplugged it and my dash cam so ultimately i don't know if they drove it erratically or anything like that.


I like the real time that the service provides. I don’t like that y’all don’t have a front camera to offer. The lag time and false locking and unlocking at times, however by far th best I’ve used.


I could see where my vehicle was in real time. I didn't like how wind would set off vibration alert.


It lets me go to sleep knowing my car is safe! There’s nothing I don’t like haha, I love it!


Competitively priced, easy to install.It doesn't use Google Maps API. I forget to turn it off. It burns through my SMS because I forgot to turn it off.


I am pleased that CarLock notifies you via your mobile device, whenever anything happens with your vehicle. However, I think it’s sensor may be too active in that in considers it slight uptick on the pedal harsh use.


Like: ability to keep an eye on where my car is and if it's been moved/started. Dislike: really limited functionality, not much value in the service. You're connected to my OBD-II port, I should have full access to on board gauges and read trouble codes. Telling me my battery voltage is absolutely useless.


I like its simplicity and the peace of mind it gives me together with trip information.It would be great If it could set Carlock to be the only app to always give loud alarm on iphone despite audio setting, This may be an apple problem. To keep monitoring car at night I get woken by email etc.


I like carlock very much every thing about it is great the one thing I would change is the diagnostics part to the point it can log more diagnostics other than that it is perfectly fine.


What I like most about CarLock is being able to know when your car detects motion. What I least like about CarLock is it not automatically detecting when your in the car without manually turning off the locking feature unless you have the CarLock Tag.


I need it to track where my elderly husband is as he sometimes can be out for hours like this I see where the car is parked.


I like the fact that it notifies me when the car is started and tracks all movements.So far there is nothing I don't like about it.


The accuracy of the GPS is really great! I like the 24/7 monitoring of my vehicle via app and the reassurance that I'll 'know' if there is any unexpected interest in my vehicle. Ease of set up on my iOS device. It blocks the obd2 port and provides reassurance of any unwanted tampering with the port (I have a keyless system). loving the 'tag', it makes so much positive difference to the user experience. I'd definitely recommend this to new users. Oddly, I also dislike the fact that it plugs into the obd2 port as is easily found. This also meant that in my circumstance, I had to remove my obd2 plug from its original position (2014 Qashqai) as it wouldn't fit with the facia reinstalled. To help with this I purchased an obd2 extender cable, however, this will need to be reinstalled for any planned maintenance/servicing. I'm not sure i this would cause anxiety with those with little confidence in this area?


The best thing about car loc is it works very well. The only thing I did not like it sometimes it would not show aome of the trips. Other than that I would not change a thing about it.


What I like most about carlock was that I could see where my vehicle was at all times and when the engine was started. Very nice to know. What I least liked about carlock was getting a notification every time I moved my vehicle or started my engine if I didn't disable the system.


The thing I love most about Carlock is how accurate and up to date the device is on where my vehicle is.The thing i hate the most is more so the issue i had with one of my devices where it randomly stopped transmitting location and wouldnt even when they rest it. But all is well because your great customer service sent a new device for free.


I like how it tracks the car and alerts me. I wish I could call at times.


I like the graffic detetal on maps and push alerts. nothing to dicslike really would like to see more 3d representation in maps


All of the security features that give me peace of mind about the safety of my vehicle and the ability to access it from anywhere right from my phone. I don't like the fact that I have to turn the alarm off on the app everytime I start and move the car. Don't have the Tag.


I like the battery voltage, engine start, and vibration detection services of CarLock the most. My car is a collector vehicle, and I like to be able to keep tabs on it’s security and well-being when I am not near it. CarLock makes it possible for me know how the electrical system is doing, and if anybody disturbs it. I would say that the CarLock application could stand some improvement. It’s a tad quirky to navigate. I feel that a tab system to navigation between it’s current location, driving score, location log, and battery voltage/stats would be an improvement over the current design.


Like: Phone notification of events. Don't like: Size of the "car" icon on map. First it doesn't need to be a car - a simple round dot would make more sense. Second it's way too big. Third the direction it points isn't always correct, for example when it it parked. Use a triangle or a dot, and don't make it HUGE!


I most like that Carlock would alert me if my car were stolen/started/opened in my absence.I least like that the harsh braking/acceleration alert function can't be turned off because I purchased Carlock only to help keep track of my car in a high theft area and am tired of all the Harsh Acceleration alerts after thee most gentle of accelerations (but it has alerted me to the fact that there may be something wrong with my car's acceleration!).


I like the tracking feature so you can see where all the car has been. I would like for the map to move with the vehicle when it is on a trip. I don’t like that the map has to refresh when the car goes outside the zone.


What I like is the real time, least like is that it doesn't give better accuracy on travel but overall great.


We like the fact that we effectively have Black Box insurance benefits for our teen son, without he potential drawbacks. What we dislike least is the fact that only 2 weeks after buying the unit, we could have saved 50% on the purchase cost. A bit annoying since I had been in direct contact moaning about the fact that we could have purchased it for around that price in the US.


Like most is that it is easy to use. Like least is that there are some trips that does not register in the Trip Log.


Like: Easy to set up & use. Dislike: Nothing so far.


I like about CarLock is that I can find anywhere if something happens!!!


What do I like best....my employees do not know I am watching them all the time. What do I like least. Not alot..not much...i like it all!!!!!!!!!


I like quick updates, reasonably accurate. Dislike when in Log would like if it shows up in satellite or hybrid view versus normal animated screen.


The thing I like most about your device is it lets me know about any vibrations, when my car is started, and where my car is located as well. Can’t think of anything really that I don’t like about the device to be honest.


carlock I like the functionality and ease of use. he thing I do not like is that the type of carlock I use the alarm does not turn on and off automatically when I insert or unset the alarm with the remote control of my car.


I love my carlock device a lot I wouldn’t change a thing. My favorite features are the log of drives, and real time notifications.


I love it's ease of installation and setup. I dislike, that it doesn't have a geofencing ability. I would like a feature that only sends alerts when my phone ie me is not in the vehicle.


The thing that I like most about CarLock is that it gives you notification if it senses any movements in car, as well as driving patterns. I also like the log option to view your trips. I don’t like that it takes time to view activity on log, other than that the service is great and provides peace of mind.


What I like most about CarLock is a simple installation that monitor my vehicles in a timely manner and notifies me on any activity on the vehicle. (Was broken into 3 times before install of CarLock, none since and piece of mind). My dislike is having an Android device I can't get the auto lock when I leave the vehicle or THE AUTO Unlock when I approach the vehicle with your new device.


What I like most about CarLock is the global tracking, drove from TX to FL and back, and I could literally track every moment of the trip, i could retrace the same routes, etc. What I like least about CarLock is sometimes the Tag will connect and disconnect while driving so the alarm will sound. Maybe enhance the bluetooth signal in the Tag device so it has a more steady and reliable stream to connect to the app.


I like it when I notified if there’s a vibration or my car started. I don’t like it when I’m the one that starts my car and I still get notified.


What I like most about Carlock is that I have real-time location where my car is at all times. I also like the option of smartlock so in the event I forget to lock my doors the car remains secured with car monitoring. What's I like least about Carlock is that when remotely locking and unlocking doors it doesn't disarm or arm the unit.


I like the important thing is it keeps track of vehicles I know we're they at all times. What's the vehicle speeds,detects the performance, chart, list of vehicles daily... Can't say anything least I like the best one I used do far.