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CarLock Cloud - 24/7 Protection - CarLock GPS car tracker

  • CarLock Cloud -  24/7 Protection - CarLock GPS car tracker
  • CarLock Cloud

    CarLock cloud is at the core of the CarLock solution and serves as the link between the CarLock device in your car and the CarLock app on your phone.

CarLock cloud analyzes the data from the sensors inside the CarLock device, GPS position of your car, and your vehicle's battery to ensure the maximum protection possible.

How Is CarLock Cloud Monitoring My Vehicle?

The CarLock Cloud ensures 24/7 monitoring of your car with a constant connection to your CarLock device.

How CarLock Works

CarLock Cloud Features

  • You can monitor your car from anywhere in the world.
  • You do not have to be close to your car for the alert to be triggered and sent to you.
  • You do not have to worry whether or not you have the app running on your phone.


While car monitoring is enabled, CarLock Cloud will notify you in case of multiple alerts:

Backup SMS & Call Notifications

You can add backup SMS or call notifications to get notified even if there is a bad cellular data connection or you don’t want to pay high roaming prices on your travels. iPhone users may find this new feature especially useful as you can set your phone to ring even when the phone is in silent mode.