CarLock Trip Tagging

Trip Tagging — CarLock App Update 3.1.

Figuring out every month how much miles you’ve driven for business and how much for personal use can be a daunting task. This is why we are introducing the easiest way to tag your trips with CarLock.

With our newest CarLock app update 3.1., you will be able to tag your trips within the app with one quick swipe!

1. Swipe Down, Swipe Right

It is that easy. Tagging your daily trips may now take you less than a minute. And that minute can save you hours of time in the long run.

CarLock App Trip Tagging

On the trip details screen, you can now swipe left and right to browse trough your trips and swipe down to tag them. By default, trips will be tagged as “Personal Trip” — represented by the blue bar.

Trip Tagging - Personal

After quick swipe down, blue colour will change to orange — meaning the current trip is now tagged as “Business Trip”. This way you are now able to quickly browse trough all trips and tag them as “Business”.

Trip Tagging - Business

2. Blue Is for Personal, Orange Is for Business

After you tag your trips, you will be able to distinguish the trips in the Log by the colour of the trip — blue (personal) or orange (business).

Trips tagged as business

Trips tagged as business

2. Trip Tagging in my.CarLock

my.CarLock web application — — was also updated to support trip tagging.

Click on the second — “Trip History” — tab, and move the mouse cursor over the trips. You can now easily tag your trips with the switch that appears on mouse hover.

Trip tagging in my.CarLock

Click on the switch to tag your trip as business

Trip tagging in my.CarLock

Business trip changes to orange colour

Trips can be filtered by tag colour and exported according to filter. You are able to export only business trips, personal trips or both.

When one or more trips are tagged as “Business”, more detailed information about the trips will be available on the dashboard.

my.CarLock Trip Dashboard

my.CarLock Trip Dashboard

We hope that with this new trip tagging feature, tracking your business expenses will become much easier and less time-consuming to generate reports.

Let us know what you think about this new feature and what would you like to see in the future. Send us an email to

The CarLock Team