Simple And Affordable Fleet Monitoring

If you own a small business renting cars, a delivery service or a taxi company, you constantly worry about your drivers’ driving habits and the whereabouts of your vehicles. Your vehicles are your invaluable assets and means for generating revenue, so it is only natural that you want them protected and supervised at all times.

CarLock provides a wide variety of data, which you can access via your phone or web, in real time or as historic data as well, making it a great fleet monitoring solution. Car owners are the first to know if something happens to their vehicles or if they get stuck in traffic while they are already supposed to be on another pre-planned route. This way, they can react swiftly to unpleasant situations and instantly rearrange logistics. This empowers owners and allows them to optimize completion of tasks at hand.

With CarLock you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading lengthy manuals and installing the device or spending a lot of money on complicated solutions.

Our customers’ favorite features are:

  • GPS location,
  • Tracking,
  • Notifications of disturbance,
  • Battery monitoring, and
  • Super easy installation process.

CarLock’s crash detection service provides business owners with peace of mind, but CarLock also acts as a friendly always-available mechanic, by actively monitoring your vehicle’s electronic system and informing you immediately in the event of a low battery or an unusual drain of the battery.

A complete trip history overview lets you monitor and analyze your drivers’ behavior behind the wheel, allowing you to educate them and prevent them from using the vehicle for their private purposes. This feature also proves to be very useful beneficial when creating reports, because all the data is one click away. After a jam-packed month of business, who still remembers all the events? CarLock keeps track of all your trips and makes your administrative work a tad bit easier.

For more information on CarLock fleet tracking solution, you can also check out the CarLock review published by ConsumersAdvocate.org.