10 Tips For Safe Driving In Winter Conditions

Winter is officially here. Driving in winter conditions demands our full attention and adequate preparation before we set out on the road. Snow, as well as wind and fog can drastically decrease the visibility of the road and can create some very dangerous situations for drivers.

Especially dangerous are whiteouts that can completely block driver’s view of the road and traffic ahead. In such conditions, it is best to avoid any driving. If you still can’t avoid being in traffic, make sure to drive with extreme caution and only as far as necessary.

Driving in winter conditions

Here are some tips for safe driving in winter conditions:

  1. Make sure to check the weather forecast before setting out on the road. Always plan more time for the trip than you normally would.
  2. If you find yourself in a whiteout, patch of fog or on an icy road, gradually slow down to a speed, suitable for the weather conditions.
  3. Avoid any abrupt steering or braking, which can result in a spin or slide. Make sure your driving is as smooth and gentle as possible to maximize the grip of your tires to the road.
  4. Increase your visibility. Turn on your headlights, and try also using fog lights to improve the visibility of the road. Don’t forget to turn on your four-way flashers if you are going slower than others or if you come across an obstacle or a traffic jam.
  5. Increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you in order to have enough room to stop if the vehicle in front of you stops.
  6. Constantly be aware of what’s going on in front of you and behind you. Keep your front and rear windows clean.
  7. Be patient. Do not overpass any vehicles unless you have a clear road and a long unobstructed field of view. Also take into account that you will need more time to cross roads under such conditions.
  8. Be prepared for any sudden changes in conditions on the road or in the movement of the surrounding cars.
  9. Eliminate any distractions and concentrate 100% on the road!
  10. If conditions get too bad – STOP driving! Find a place to safely pull off the road and wait for the conditions to improve.