Awesome Car Hacks You Should Try

There’s no doubt technology can save your time and money, especially when it comes to car issues. Sometimes, however, all you need are just a few simple home items and a pinch of creativity. In today’s blog post, we made a list of simple tricks that will make your time on the road easier, cheaper and more pleasurable. Check them out!

  1. Make a Cell Phone Holder Using a Rubber Band
    Would you like to put your cell phone upright while you drive, but you don’t have a cell phone holder? All you need is a rubber band to tie your phone around your car’s air vent. Just thread the rubber band through the top of the air vent and pull it through the bottom using a pen. Make sure the vent is turned off. Insert the phone into the rubber band loops you just created. This great cell phone holder is simple to make and it doesn’t leave any unwanted marks on your phone’s screen. It will enable you to use your phone for navigation or to accept your calls while driving.
  2. Find Out Which Side of Your Car the Gas Tank is On
    Ever rented a car and pulled up to the wrong side of the gas tank when you ran out of gas? Here is a simple trick that will instantly tell you which side of your car the gas tank is on. All you need to do is look at the gas indicator on the dashboard. There is a small arrow right next to the fuel icon pointing to the side of your car with the fuel door. If there is no arrow, your gas tank is located on the same side as the nozzle on the fuel icon.
  3. Use toothpaste to clean your car’s headlights
    Driving with foggy headlights can sometimes be quite a nightmare, especially during the night. This could make you guess whether the shade at the side of the road is a walking person, a deer or just a parked vehicle. From now on, you better take toothpaste with you before you get into your car. Apply some toothpaste on your vehicle’s headlights and rub them with a piece of cloth. This magic tool will make the headlights shine bright like never before and help you identify the objects on the road.
  4. Cover up Car Scratches Using Nail Polish
    Remember the moment when you buy a new fire red metallic car and the same day you get a couple of free scratches on it, which is probably done by a careless garbage truck driver or a child opening their car door on a huge parking lot? You have two options – go nuts or get a nail polish in the color that matches closely to the one of your car. This hack can be used to fix small scratches when you get them on your car by surprise. It will save you some money and keep your nerves calm.
  5. Use a Pair of Socks and Cat Litter to Absorb Extra Moisture in Your Car
    Foggy car windows can be dangerous and indicate there is a difference between the moisture levels inside and outside your vehicle. This usually happens on cold foggy mornings, but there is no difference after a heavy summer rain. It can be frustrating, but all you need to fix this issue is a pair of socks, a roll of tape and the Silica crystal cat litter, which is super absorbent. Simply fill the sock with the car litter using a roll of tape, tie a knot and put it into another sock. You can place it on the dashboard or hide it under the seats. This trick is quick, safe and very cheap!