Why CarLock Can’t Allow Hackers to Remotely Operate Your Car

Recently, Tech Crunch published the article about the vulnerabilities of the devices connected to the OBD port, how hackers can take advantage of this and thus remotely control your car.

These are real concerns for the devices that use wireless communication, like Bluetooth, and also connect to the car computer via the OBD port.

OBD Port

Since the beginning, the Carlock solution has been aimed to provide the safety features to the customers and all Carlock devices are designed in a way that they don’t actually connect to the car computer.

As there is no chip inside the device for communication with the car computer, even in an event of the device being hacked, there is no way someone could remotely perform any action to your car.

We designed the Carlock device to use just 2 pins from the OBD port (pin 4 and 16) that provide the power supply to the device and based on those 2 pins, we can also measure the changes in the car battery voltage. This is also the reason why our solution is not supporting reading of fault codes.