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Keyless Car Theft – How Thieves are Using “Hacking” to Steal Your Car

Keyless car theft, also known as “relay attack”, is nowadays one of the most popular car-theft methods and has undeniably contributed to a growing rise in car thefts. If you are the owner of a car with a keyless entry system, your vehicle is an easy target for car thieves!

How does it work?

The process involves two devices that communicate with each other via radio frequency. The first unit is placed as close as possible to a car key fob to receive the signal. The signal from the first device is then transferred to the second one placed next to the vehicle, which fools the car into thinking a key fob has been used. This way, the vehicle can easily be unlocked and started.

Below is an example of a real live video on how the “relay attach” helped thieves easily steal a car:

Why is my factory car alarm useless?

Factory car alarms usually fail to differentiate a car owner entering a car with a keyless key fob from the thieves using special devices to relay the signal. The factory car alarm will, therefore, be disarmed as soon as the key signal is detected.

What will happen if I use CarLock?

Since CarLock is armed/disarmed via the CarLock app on a cell phone, the presence of your car key fob will not be affecting the CarLock car tracking system. In case a car thief performs a “relay attack” using a special device, you will receive loud push notifications “vibration detected”, “engine started” as well as “vehicle moved”, and this will allow you to react promptly. The CarLock system will even enable you to follow the location of your vehicle.

What other measures can be used to make a car more secure?

  • When at home, store your car keys in a metal key cabinet.
metal key cabinet

As the key cabinet is a Faraday cage, the key signal will not be transmitted outside the item and the thieves will not be able to relay the signal.

  • Use a Faraday cage car key pouch when on the move.

The pouch also behaves like a Faraday cage and the key signal will not be transmitted outside the item.

  • Add some additional layers of security by parking your car in a garage or behind the gate.
car security

Traditional car alarms rely on other people to care about your car as much as you do. The sad reality is people have grown numb to these noisy cries for help due to the sheer number of false alarms heard every single day.
CarLock is better than an alarm! It monitors your vehicle and alerts you directly of suspicious activity even if you are halfway around the world!

If you have any questions about the CarLock real-time car tracking and alert system, visit our help center at

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