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Use a Teen Car Tracker to Keep Young Drivers in Check

When a teenager obtains a driver’s license and gets behind the wheel on their own for the very first time, almost every parent on this planet gets at least a little bit anxious. And for good reason. We are constantly bombarded by tragic stories about young drivers involved in fatal car accidents and by statistics proving that teenagers are especially prone to exceeding speed limits or texting while driving.

GPS Car Trackers for Teenage Drivers

The ability to drive a car, a special milestone on a young person’s way to freedom and a moment worthy of a proper celebration, is, therefore, many parents’ worst nightmare. But is there a way to make the situation a little less stressful for parents while still letting youngsters gather their first driving experience? If you have ever heard of a device called a teen car tracker, then you already know the answer. And if you have not, this article will convince you that what all the parents and teenagers need for more safety and less worrying is a little bit of technology.

What is a Teen Car Tracker?

So what exactly is a teen car tracker and how does it actually work to protect both your young driver and your nerves? We are actually talking about a GPS car tracker, a device using GPS or GLONASS signal to monitor parameters such as a vehicle’s location, heading, and speed. When used to track teen’s driving habits, it is called a teen car tracker, but this is only one of its functions, to be precise. Such vehicle tracking systems offer a great means of theft prevention and are commonly used for fleet tracking. However, as more and more parents want to avoid constant worrying whenever their kids hit the road with their friends, the market has seen an advent of teen GPS tracking devices, which are designed to prevent several forms of negative or reckless driving behaviour. When used as a teen car tracker, this gadget thus protects drivers and allows parents to have some form of control over how their children operate their vehicles.

How Does a Teen Car Tracker Work?

Many of you are probably already wondering how secret spy technologies like GPS tracking systems actually make youngsters safer on the road. And the answer is simple. Let us take a look at the CarLock system, an advanced GPS car tracker for teens as well as several other uses. Lauded by media outlets such as Top Gear and Auto Express, this accessible but highly capable teen car tracker comes pre-configured with a SIM card and ready to help you keep an eye on your car 24/7 – from literally anywhere.

Its central part, the CarLock car tracking device, comes pre-configured with a SIM card installed, which means that it is immediately ready to activate. Using its own GPS and GSM antenna, it detects troubling driving behaviours or signs of inattentive driving. In the role of a teen car tracker, it thus monitors the driving patterns and alerts parents of trouble via a dedicated mobile app. This means that every time a teenager accelerates too fast, suddenly brakes too hard or makes sharp turns, the teen car tracker will register such inappropriate maneuvers and send a push notification to the parent’s smartphone. What is more, parents can also constantly monitor the vehicle’s location and make sure their teens drive only where they are supposed to. If parents share the car with their kids, they can also schedule the time when they themselves use the car and thus make sure that monitoring is automatically disabled in such time windows.

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To use the CarLock system as a GPS car tracker for teens, one just needs to plug it into a car’s OBD II diagnostic connector, which is an easy operation that normally does not even require any tools. All the cars manufactured after 1996 actually have such diagnostic connector and it is usually installed under the steering wheel. However, if you are still unsure whether a teen car tracker will also work with your car or where exactly to install it, you can simply fill in the form on our page and we will get back to you with a picture of the connector location in your vehicle.

Why Would Parents Use a GPS Device as a Teen car Tracker?

A GPS and speed car tracker for teens might seem like a controversial method to keep a young driver in check, but as recent studies show, there are many reasons for parents to step up their monitoring game. It is not just that cars, in general, are getting more and more capable of high speeds and dynamic driving (which youngsters are more than willing to test out), but there are also several factors that put younger road users at great risk every single day.

One of the main reasons for the use of the GPS car tracker for teens lies in the fact that too many youngsters think that driving at speed is really fun and many readily admit having already exceeded speed limits by more than 30 kph. There are also important psychological reasons for teen car trackers, namely peer pressure. Many young drivers feel that they have to prove themselves in front of their friends and are therefore willing to operate their vehicles in a way that might far exceed their driving abilities. If such situations end up in a crash, there is a high chance of fatal consequences. 

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And while more and more young people are aware that such behaviour is life-threatening, too many teenagers still cannot completely ignore their phones while driving. They text their friends, browse through social networks and play around with navigation features. Recognizing that reckless driving habits put youngsters at risk, parents can act before it is too late and thus prevent serious accidents from ever happening to their beloved kids. At the same time, they can always make sure their kids drive safely and stay within speed limits.

But What Will the Teen Think of a Teen Car Tracker?

Despite the fact that installing a teen car tracker in a vehicle might seem restrictive, it can actually turn into a win-win scenario and make parents as well as their young drivers happy. Even if it somehow limits the fun factor, GPS tracking technology can actually help teenagers stay on track and thus keep themselves as well as their best friends safe whenever they hit the road. It gives parents a chance to really observe their teens’ driving habits and take an active part in shaping their driving behaviours, thus helping them develop into safe and responsible drivers. Using a teen car tracker, a parent can also pay close attention to any specific problems that might not be the consequence of reckless driving but rather a lack of skills, and encourage as well as support their children to improve their driving abilities for their own safety.

But what is more, a teen car tracker can give teenagers more freedom and let them enjoy their free time behind the wheel. Providing real-time data regarding their youngsters’ driving, parents can completely trust their kids and thus allow them to have more fun without constant worrying. A teenage car tracker can, therefore, help build more trust between parents and their children. Also, parents have the ability to know where their kids are located and that they are safe, which takes worrying and panic out of the equation and enables kids to avoid too many restrictions right at the beginning of their driving careers. While children know that their road behaviour has to be controlled in order to enjoy the most of their new freedom, parents are aware they are part of this learning process, intervening only if needed and letting their kids prove how responsible they can be.

How Can One Buy a Teen Car Tracker?

To order the CarLock system and use it as a teenage car tracker, you can just head to Amazon and order the device. The device will come with a two-year warranty so you will be able to use it without worries. Once you have installed it, all you need is the CarLock subscription that covers all operational costs, including network connectivity and all updates and maintenance. CarLock is renowned for offering the most affordable subscriptions on the market. These include no hidden costs while the first month is completely free!

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