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iOS APP 5.0

The all new and improved iOS APP 5.0 is finally here. A fresh new look with lots of new features. The 5.0 release is all about customization and improved performance. We’ve listened to your feedback and made a big leap towards a better and more intuitive user experience. Read more to see the results.

A Fresh New Look

The first thing you will notice after upgrading to version 5.0 is a fresh new look in a beautiful teal color.

The familiar layout of the home screen has been refined and now allows you to see the map in landscape mode. The last trip (with all the information about the trip) is now seen on the home screen map by default.

But that is not the best part. You can now personalize the design of the app to your liking. Match the color of the app to your car’s color or interior lighting and select the icon similar to your type of a vehicle.

Improved Dashboard

The dashboard has been completely redesigned and expanded to match your profile. Choose between four different dashboard designs. The dashboard now remembers the last position and shows the same screen next time you open the dashboard.

There is an alternative way to get back to the home screen. In addition to the “< Map” button on the top, you can now return to the map conveniently by double-tapping on the Dashboard tab in the bottom left corner.

Redesigned Trip History Log

The trip history log received the long-awaited overhaul. The log has been streamlined to be more readable and now shows only trips with security notifications, while the harsh driving notifications are grouped under the individual trip view.

Simplified Security Functionality

We listened to your feedback and modified the security features and notifications to simplify the use of the system. You no longer have to clear/reset the alarm after the “Vehicle Moved” alert has been received.

Once the car stops and trip ends, the monitored area will automatically reposition to the car’s location. This way you will be notified with the “Vehicle Moved” alert every time the car moves after the security alert has been enabled and you no longer have to manually clear/reset the system.

Improved Widget

The CarLock widget has been expanded with the simplified dashboard information and the ability to quickly switch between available vehicles.

Tailored Security Settings

During the CarLock activation process, you can select the main reason for your purchase. If you select “Security”, harsh driving notifications will be disabled by default, the weekly trip summary will not be sent to your e-mail address and “Vibrations Detected” alert will have the same loud siren sound as the “Vehicle Moved” alert.

You can change this setting under the “Setting” tab or in my.CarLock web application. Read more about my.CarLock here.

But wait … what about the Android app?
Android users can expect a completely redesigned app later this year.

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The CarLock Team

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