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What Does a GPS Car Tracker Look Like?

Keeping your vehicle safe and knowing where your vehicle is at all times – and how it is being driven – is important. Today, we have to worry about the dangers of personal vehicles, and even fleet vehicles being stolen. Fortunately, a GPS car tracker is a good solution that will provide you with the information you need, along with the added protection.

The Appearance of the Devices: What Does a Car Tracking Device Look Like?

What does a car tracker look like? This is one of the first and most common things that people want to know when they’re considering buying one of these devices. You’ll find that there are many types of tracker available, so answering the question of “what does a GPS tracker look like” can vary somewhat. Below, you’ll find some of the option types from CarLock. The basic look of these devices is similar to what you’d find through other companies.

GPS car trackers today are very small devices that are typically only a few inches in overall size. Even though they are small, they provide start-of-the-art technology that is able to provide you with real-time information about your vehicle. They will have a motion sensor, internal antennas (GPS and GMS), and even a small backup battery within the device. These trackers have a black casing around them, so they do not stand out, which can make them more difficult for car thieves to find.

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Many of the most popular GPS car trackers in use today will simply plug right into your car’s OBD port. However, there are more than just OBD trackers. There are hardwired options, as well as portable GPS car trackers that could be placed elsewhere around the vehicle to help keep them out of sight.


Those who are looking for a GPS car tracker that will help them with their security while being hidden might want to consider one of the hardwired options. Because these are hardwired and not in the OBD port, it means they will be more difficult for a thief to find and remove. In fact, most won’t even think to look for them. Those who are choosing a CarLock hardwired tracker should know that the device is currently only available in the EU market.

The small hardwired tracker is easy to install, and it will connect right to the battery. This means that it will always have power and it will be hidden. These types of trackers are also on the small side, being between a quarter and half the size of a regular smartphone.


You could also opt for one of the portable devices from CarLock instead. These devices are also small and are less than half the size of a typical smartphone. They are a good option for a host of reasons. They have batteries with very long life, and you will be able to place them in just about any area of the car that you would like. This means that you can quickly and easily hide them around the vehicle to ensure that thieves will not be able to find them and discard them if they try to steal your car.

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In addition, you might find that you want to use these types of devices to keep track of other things that are important in your life. For example, many parents will want to put these trackers in their kids’ backpacks to monitor their kids. They can also be used to help make travel a bit easier. Simply put these devices into your luggage, and then you will never have to worry about losing it. As you can see, there are plenty of ways these devices can be used outside of their use as a GPS car tracker.

Now that you have a better idea of an answer to the question of “what does a car tracking device look like”, it should be easier for you to figure out which of these would work best for your needs.

What Types of Information Do the Devices Track and Report?

Despite the small size, these GPS car trackers are able to provide you with a wealth of information. Best of all, they can provide you with real-time information about your vehicle, which can, in turn, provide you with some peace of mind. Of course, it is important that you are only choosing high-quality trackers, such as those offered through CarLock.

When you have a quality GPS car tracker installed on your vehicle, you will be alerted whenever your vehicle’s engine has been started without you. This can keep you safe from thieves, as well as your teens that might be sneaking out when they are supposed to be at home. The devices can alert you whenever there are any unusual vibrations that could indicate someone is trying to pry into the vehicle or using power tools on the locks, for example. You will also be alerted if the device has been removed from the vehicle. If the vehicle is moving, such as being driven away or towed, you can be alerted, as well.

By tracking the vehicle, it will help with the recovery efforts by the police. The device is able to transmit other types of data to your phone app or web app, as well. It allows you to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world.

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You can export the data to your computer and learn more about how the vehicle is being driven, as well. For example, you can learn whether other people driving your vehicle are going too fast, if they are driving harshly when taking corners, etc. This type of information can be quite helpful for those who have teens who are driving, as well as those who have a fleet of vehicles and who need to monitor the driving behaviors of their drivers.

Another benefit of choosing CarLock is the Tag, which is a small device that can be placed in the vehicle and paired with your smartphone. When you approach or leave the vehicle with your phone, it will enable or disable alerts, and it will reduce false security alerts. There is no installation needed. This device is circular in design and not much larger than a coin. Place it anywhere in your car and pair it with your iOS phone.

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Why Choose to Use a Car Tracker?

As you’ve seen from the features of CarLock, the device can provide you with an ample amount of safety for your vehicle. You’ll know when anything out of the ordinary is happening with the car. You’ll know if the car is being moved, someone is breaking in, and even if the car’s being towed. When it comes to the question of “what does a car GPS tracker look like”, it might not matter to you. Others might want to find something that doesn’t detract from the interior of their vehicle, though. Fortunately, you’ll find that the options from CarLock will work well and will not be an eyesore.

When you have a GPS tracker in your vehicle, it helps you to rest a bit easier no matter where you might be. If you’re at home in bed, you can sleep well knowing that you’ll get an alert if someone tries to steal the car. If you’re at work, you’ll get an alert, as well. Even if you aren’t anywhere near your vehicle, you can receive an alert. Today’s GPS vehicle trackers provide you with an unprecedented amount of information about your car.

Simply put, you’ll find that the CarLock car trackers make you feel better about the safety of your vehicle.

Get the Protection You Need Today

These small, innocuous little devices have the potential to save you from a world of trouble, and they can provide you with the information that you need. It’s time that you took the plunge and bought a GPS car tracker for your vehicle, whether it is for a single private vehicle, for everyone in the family, or for a fleet of vehicles that you own. The peace of mind that you have when you use the devices is well with the cost.

Car GPS Tracker FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding GPS car trackers, the way they look, and more.

1 – Do All Car Trackers Look the Same?

You’ll find that even though there might be some similarities in the way that the trackers look, there are differences, too. Various manufacturers may have devices that look slightly different from one another despite working in a similar fashion. Additionally, there are different types of trackers. When asking the question “what do trackers look like”, you have to consider the type of tracker being used. After all, there will be differences in the appearance of the portable, wireless devices and those that plug into the OBD II Port.

2 – What Does a Van Tracker Look Like?

You’ll find that in most cases, the GPS trackers that are used for vans will look like the trackers used in cars. The reason for this is simple enough. The devices that plug into the OBD II port will look the same because the ports they utilize are the same. It’s true with portable devices and hardwired options, as well. The type of device might differ (OBD, hardwired, portable), but whether they’re used for cars, trucks, or vans, they all tend to be similar.

3 – Why Should I Care What a Car Tracker Looks Like?

Although you might not care about the question “what does a car tracking device look like” right now, you might when you buy one. You will likely want to have a device that’s easily hidden or that blends in well with the vehicle’s interior. Always look at the options available for different devices and the installation options to get a better sense of how it will look in your vehicle. Of course, you should always strive to remember that the safety of your car is the most important aspect.

4 – Will My Teen Driver Notice the GPS Tracker?

Many parents want to track their teen’s driving behavior. While the best course of action is to talk with the young driver about their driving and the need to use a car tracker, some parents might want to install one secretly. You can be sure that teens will probably know what a car tracking device looks like or will discover what it looks like when you have it plugged into the OBD II port. However, there are the other options mentioned—hardwired or portable—that could work if needed. These are less noticeable.

5 – Where Can I Place a Portable Car Tracker?

You want to be sure that the car tracker is in a location where thieves won’t see it when they break into your vehicle. One of the benefits of the wireless portable trackers is that they can be placed just about anywhere in your car. Find a spot that’s hidden well and out of sight but be sure to test the signal to ensure it works properly.