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In the world of machines on four wheels, classic vehicles are considered the most valuable, irreplaceable possessions. People spend a lot of time and a real fortune on their maintenance, which makes them a popular target for car thieves that are usually focused on car parts that they can sell on the black market. Since it is extremely difficult to replace those parts, let alone vehicles, if they get stolen, it is important to take proper security measures to avoid losing your pride and joy. For this reason, we prepared a list of 5 affordable ways to ensure maximum protection for your classic car.

Tip no. 1: Replace old door locks

If you are a classic car owner, you should always replace the worn-out door locks with the new ones. A new lock will effectively disable potential thieves from using old stealing methods and therefore prevent any unauthorized access into your vehicle. This is especially important in the case of the most popular classic cars that can easily be accessed by the so-called tryout keys. These are available for anyone to purchase and can open a number of vintage car models. 

When you decide for the car door lock change, make sure to get the door lock cylinder from a manufacturer that is able to provide the same key cut as the one of your old door lock. However, if you want your locks to keep the authentic classic look but still want to properly secure your classic car, you can contact the locksmith to re-pin the cylinder which will help protect the car against the potential break-in. It is also advisable to change the car ignition cylinder that works with the same key as the door lock cylinder.

Tip no. 2: Keep your classic in a secure place

Proper storage is of great importance for the general security of your classic vehicle. The better the storage location, the lower the chance of your vehicle being stolen. Therefore, it is highly recommended to park your classic car in a private garage, especially during the night when thieves are at their most active. In addition, you may also want to secure your garage door by purchasing a good-quality padlock, which will keep criminals from getting in. 

secure storage

Unfortunately, garage storage is not always possible, especially if you are away from home. In case you are obliged to keep your vehicle outdoors, it is advisable to keep it away from isolated areas and empty streets. Make sure to park it in a well-lit area, preferably as close as possible to where you are located so that you will be able to intervene quickly in the event of any inconvenience. It is also important to leave it in a public, high-traffic area. This way, people passing by will easily detect any theft attempt and report it to the police.

Tip no. 3: Protect the windows

It is crucial to properly protect the windows of a classic vehicle, especially if you often leave it parked unattended for hours on an empty street or in an unprotected parking lot. Breaking a window will actually enable the thief the quickest access to the vehicle, especially if they do not have the proper key to unlock the doors. Thieves specialized in classic car thefts usually carry professional tools, such as window punches, to easily shatter the entire window in just seconds with minimal noise.

classic car security

In case your classic car windows have standard glass, it’s highly recommended to replace it with high-quality security glass. If you’re struggling to find the adequate window dimensions for your rare classic model, you can simply use only the security window film that can be put over the glass. This has the same function as the security glass and efficiently protects windows from being shattered.

Tip no. 4: Install a good quality aftermarket car alarm system

Car alarms are considered the most popular car theft-deterrent system and are used to alert car owners if any unauthorized person is trying to break into their vehicle. Modern vehicles usually have a factory alarm system fit in by default. Classic cars, on the other hand, do not have any security devices installed and thus remain unprotected. And the more a classic car ages, the more it is at risk for car theft.

It is, therefore, important to secure it with a high-quality aftermarket car alarm system and keep it closely monitored at all times. The fact is, however, that the classic car owners often don’t want to spoil the authentic look of their classic vehicle by a third-party flashing device. This can be solved by installing the alarm unit to a more discreet place so that the lights can only be visible at night. Since people have become numb to car alarm sirenes tue to a large number of triggered alarms, which is especially the case in big cities, car alarms are rarely considered a potential threat and thus rarely reported to the police. For this reason, it is essential to choose a good-quality aftermarket alarm that even enables notifying via cell phone either by push notification or a text message.

Tip no. 5: Purchase a high-quality GPS car tracker

If you would like to ensure the best protection for your classic vehicle, make sure to get a good quality GPS vehicle tracking device. Not only will it enable to show a real-time location of your vehicle, but it will also alert you in case someone is trying to tamper with your vehicle. Modern GPS tracking devices actually come with the advanced notification system that provides real-time mobile notifications if any unusual event is detected on a vehicle.

GPS car tracking installation options

GPS car tracking devices are usually designed to be plugged into the OBDII connector that is available in any car model manufactured after 1996. However, some installation options enable placing the device in a classic vehicle as well.

The hardwired connection is a perfect solution to fit the OBD car tracker to any classic vehicle and cars manufactured before 1996. OBD power adapter cables actually enable professional mechanics to connect the OBD tracking unit to a vehicle’s battery with a constant 12 V power supply. The battery-powered car tracker, such as the CarLock Portable, on the other hand, offers the best flexibility as it does not require any installation. The GPS portable trackers are self-powered by a large battery and can be placed anywhere inside the classic car.

portable car tracker

Never underestimate the importance of security for your classic vehicle. Now that you have all the classic car security tips readily available, make sure to put them into practice and provide the best possible protection for your most valuable possession.