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Can a GPS Car Tracker be Removed?

You naturally want to make sure that your vehicle is safe whether you are behind the wheel, at work, sleeping, or on vacation in another part of the world. However, we all know that the world’s a dangerous place and that you need to take some extra precautions to keep the vehicle safe. One of the best options is to use a GPS car tracker on the vehicle. It can provide a wide range of benefits. However, you also might be wondering whether a GPS car tracker can simply be removed.

Hiding the GPS Car Tracking Device Using an Extension

Just as a GPS car tracker can be installed, it can also be removed. However, this does not mean that it has to be easy for someone to remove. If you have an OBD port that is visible, it means that a thief could see it and remove it. However, there are other places to put the GPS car tracker in the vehicle, and there are plenty of great options for this.

A simple and effective option for an OBD tracker that would otherwise be in plain sight would be to use an OBD extension cable. This is very flexible and easy to use, just like a standard OBD tracker. However, it will allow you to place the tracker in a safe spot that is away from the pedals and out of the sight of the thief. They would not necessarily know where to look for the tracker.

Going Hardwired for the GPS car Tracker

Another fantastic option is to go with a hardwired installation when you want to have the tracker in a hidden place. You can have a professional install the device beneath the dashboard of your car and then connect it to the car’s electrical system with a constant 12V power supply. This ensures that the GPS car tracker is hidden behind the vehicle’s dashboard. No one will know it’s there and it will be next to impossible for someone to tamper with it and remove it.

GPS car tracker hardwired option

One of the other benefits of using this system is that it will let you use the GPS car tracker on vehicles that were made before 1996. This means that you can have your favorite old Sunday driver just as protected as your new vehicle.

Using the Battery-Powered Option

If you are looking for an easy method to keep track of your car and to keep it safe, you might want to consider using a battery-powered GPS car tracker. These are relatively simple solutions that offer the same types of features as the ones that are plugged into the vehicle.

There are some differences, of course. These use batteries, which means the batteries will eventually need to be replaced. In addition, the battery-powered GPS car trackers are extremely flexible when it comes to their placement in the vehicle. You can put them nearly anywhere that you might want in the vehicle, and they will still be able to transmit a signal. This means that you can hide them where a thief will not be able to find them. They can’t remove the device if they can’t find it and don’t know it is there.

When you are placing one of these types of GPS car trackers in your vehicle, get creative. Place it in locations that you know a thief won’t look and then check to make sure that it still works properly.

While the batteries in these car trackers are long-lasting, they are not ideal for recording extensive driving routes. This would end up causing the battery to run out of power much faster. However, for monitoring a vehicle, they work extremely well. It’s nice that they are also quite simple to use.

What If They Still Find It?

Of course, there is still a chance that a thief might be able to find the car tracker that you have placed in your vehicle. If you have used the methods mentioned above, it will help to reduce this possibility, but it can still occur. Therefore, you need to make sure that you at least have a high-quality tracker, like those from CarLock, that will be able to notify you immediately if it becomes disconnected from your vehicle. If you are able to get the notification, you will be able to check on the vehicle and notify the authorities right away.

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For More than Just Thieves

While most people think about the possibility of thieves being the ones who remove or unplug the car tracker, that’s not always the case. Parents of teens who borrow the car might want to have one of these trackers on the vehicle, so they can monitor where their vehicle is, how the vehicle is being driven, and where it is going. Teens do not like the idea of being monitored, even when it is in their best interest, so they might decide that they will just unplug the device for a few hours. Fortunately, the same notification that would let you know if a thief has removed the device will let you know when your teen has done the same thing.

Choose CarLock for Your GPS Car Tracker

As you can see, there are some truly great ways to make sure that you are able to hide your car tracker, so a thief will not be able to find it. If you are looking for some great options when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe with high-quality GPS car trackers, make sure that you check out what CarLock can provide.

When you use CarLock, you will find that there are a number of advantages. You will have more peace of mind than you would have with just a traditional car alarm. The system can let you know when the engine has been started without you, whether there are any unusual vibrations detected, and if the vehicle is being moved. You will be able to monitor your vehicle and keep it safe from anywhere in the world. It lets you rest easy.