Family GPS tracking


Family is the greatest treasure one has. At the end of the day, our family members are the ones who we share our moments with. For most people, the number one priority is nothing but to keep their family safe and sound as well as properly protect valuable family possessions. For this reason, it is always relieving to know where our families are at all times. Thanks to modern GPS tracking technology, it is nowadays possible to keep our family members safe no matter where they are, and react promptly in case of an emergency. There are several situations in which GPS tracking is considered extremely useful. To help you out, we prepared the top 10 tips on how your family can benefit from using GPS tracking.

1. Child monitoring

The smaller a kid is, the bigger the chance we’ll momentarily lose sight of them. This usually happens in crowded city centers, parks or large shopping centers where kids have plenty of space to walk around. And there is nothing more frustrating for a parent than getting their kid lost. A GPS tracking solution can be of great help if you are constantly worrying your kid will suddenly disappear. 

Furthermore, GPS tracking can also enable users to track older kids on their way to school. If your kid is constantly getting home later than expected, a GPS tracker would be a perfect solution to check whether your kid usually stops for ice cream after school or is taking any unusual routes back home. In addition to this, school field trips can be stressful for kids as well as parents, especially if a kid will be away from home for several days. Leaving your kid alone with a group of other kids and only one teacher to watch over them is not easy. Nevertheless, you can always put a GPS tracking device into your kid’s backpack so that you can monitor their location for the time of their absence via the app on your phone, and make sure they are safe and sound.

2. Dog tracking

Losing a dog is any dog owner’s worst nightmare. Dogs are our best friends and it is only natural we would do anything to keep them safe and alive. But even if we do our best to ensure the maximum care for our fluffy friends, it is sometimes impossible to stop them from running away. Dogs may get lost for a number of reasons. They are born explorers and always have an innate desire to explore the surrounding area. Besides, due to their strong sense of smell, they often go after a small animal, such as an insect or a rat. Even a loud noise, such as a thunderstorm, can be the reason for a runaway dog. It is often the case that when a dog runs away a little bit too far, it gets lost on the way back home. 

When a pet gets lost, it oftentimes gets hurt or even stolen. And if it is rescued and taken to a pound, it will get euthanized if their owner does not show up after a certain period of time. To prevent any frightening scenarios, it is worth investing in a good GPS tracker for your dog. It will provide you with real-time updates on your pet’s location so you can easily find them as soon as they get missing. Furthermore, many GPS trackers can simply be attached to a collar and will not bother your pet while they move around.

3. Monitoring the elderly loved ones

Everyone’s wish is to remain independent in their old age as well. Unfortunately, many elderly people have dementia – a progressive disease that impacts memory and thinking abilities. The sad truth is that dementia patients can quickly get lost, disoriented or even injured as they often wander around and even leave their house unnoticed. This places enormous stress on patient’s relatives and even caregivers that are supposed to look after them at their homes.

A GPS tracker is undeniably an ideal solution to minimize unwanted stress and help locate older people in case of an emergency or if they get lost. It even offers them more independence while their relatives can still locate them anytime simply via the app on their mobile phones.

4. Teen tracking

Obtaining a driver’s license and getting behind the wheel independently is a huge milestone and an exciting chapter in almost every teen’s life. However, this is considered one of the most stressful phases for parents of teenagers. And with a reason. Teens are actually more often involved in fatal accidents than any other age group, especially due to their lack of skills.  It has even been estimated that almost 1 in 5 16-year-old drivers are involved in a car accident within the first year of driving. Due to peer pressure, teenagers are actually prone to exceeding limits to prove themselves in front of their friends. Besides, they frequently text while driving as well as check social media networks on their cell phones.

Teens, naturally, need a certain amount of independence and it’s impossible to keep them under constant supervision. However, a GPS car tracker, such as CarLock, can be a great medium to monitor teen’s actions behind the wheel in real-time. Not only it provides logs of trips taken, but it also tracks driving behaviours, such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking or harsh cornering. This enables parents to monitor their teens’ driving performance as well as real-time location, which is especially important during the first year of independent driving. This way, teens can become better drivers knowing their diving behavior is being monitored while their parents can contribute towards safer driving of their children and help them become good and responsible drivers.

5. Luggage tracking

Losing your luggage is undeniably one of the worst things that can happen either on your business trip or your family travel, and can completely spoil your vacations. And this nightmare actually happens to hundreds of passengers on a daily basis! Suitcases can be lost by public transport providers or even stolen by thieves at public transport facilities. Getting your luggage stolen can be devastating, especially if you have valuable objects, such as an expensive camera or a laptop, packed inside. Even if your luggage shows up with a delay on an airport or is put on the wrong flight, this places huge stress on its owners.

To ensure maximum peace of mind while traveling with your family or for business purposes,  you may want to purchase a GPS tracker or even a batch of GPS tracking units to help you locate and retrieve your luggage in case it gets missed. This can be particularly helpful especially if you carry several pieces of luggage for the entire family. An advanced GPS tracking unit can easily help you identify the location of your baggage in just seconds simply via the app on your phone.

6. Locate your loved ones in case of an emergency

We often stress something terrible will happen to our loved ones but oftentimes realize our thoughts are just the fear created in our minds. However, it is sometimes worth having a plan for the worst-case scenarios as well to react as quickly as possible in case of an emergency. 

GPS tracking solutions can be of great help to lower your anxiety levels in a number of emergency situations when it comes to the safety of your closest ones, especially kids. By putting a GPS tracking unit into your kid’s school bag, you will be able to quickly locate them if the event of any inconvenience or an accident. More advanced personal GPS trackers also come with an SMS button that triggers notifications if the case of a possible emergency and your kid’s whereabouts. Even high-quality car tracking systems come with an emergency feature. CarLock, for instance, enables managing emergency contact numbers to provide SMS in case of a collision.

7. Protect your travel trailer

Besides car theft, camper theft crime has become a real concern as well. More and more thieves target holiday trailers that cost a fortune and carry a number of valuable personal items. If you own a camper and travel a lot, being security-conscious should be your number one priority. Trailers actually serve as a “home away from home”. It is, therefore, essential to prevent thieves from spoiling your long-awaited family vacation by providing the best possible security for your trailer.

It is strongly advisable to equip it with a good GPS tracking system that will allow constant monitoring via the app on your cell phone. Since a trailer is an example of a valuable asset where hard-wiring a GPS car tracking unit is extremely undesirable, it is recommended to get a portable GPS tracker that does not require any installation. You may also want to purchase a portable magnetic case that offers durable protection for a GPS tracking unit and can easily be attached to any flat metallic surface.

8. Time management

With tight school schedules and busy workdays, it is nowadays difficult to predict when exactly your family members will get back home. Your spouse might often need to work overtime due to business meetings whereas your kids might stay at school longer due to an extra extracurricular activity. This directly impacts family activities and time spent together. 

Using advanced GPS tracking, you can easily monitor your family members’ location and get notified by a push notification on your cell phone when your spouse leaves work or when your kids are on the way home. This enables you to improve your family time management and plan accordingly.

9. Monitor your family members when they are on an outdoor adventure

Individual family members may occasionally decide to go hiking or biking in nature. Spending time in the wilderness is a perfect way to relax as well as detach from social networks, and thus escape from a nowadays stressful lifestyle. However, people often get lost while hiking or just wandering in nature and may sometimes even get injured. Search operations sometimes take more than a few days, whereas time is crucial when searching for a missing person. And just a thought of your loved one getting missed far away from home is an unwanted nightmare. 

GPS personal trackers can be of great help in finding a missing or injured individual by providing a real-time location via the app on a cell phone. This enables you to act promptly in case of an emergency. When choosing the right GPS tracker to monitor your family members, make sure it provides adequate coverage, especially if you are also considering using it in remote areas, such as mountains or forests.

10. Protect your family vehicle against theft

If you have a family, you cannot always rely on public transport. A car is, therefore, a must for many families. It enables you to drive to work, take children to school, go shopping, take family weekend trips, and even allow you to react promptly in case of a family emergency. The thought our precious car would ever get stolen rarely crosses our minds despite the fact car thefts are very common and are considered a real concern. Getting your vehicle stolen overnight would undeniably be the worst nightmare, so it is only responsible to properly protect it. 

Using a GPS car tracking technology is the best way to secure your car, especially if you live in a high-crime rate neighborhood and do not have a chance to park your car in a secured area. More advanced GPS car trackers, such as CarLock, will enable monitoring via the app on your cell phone and allow you to have your car under supervision 24/7. You will even be notified by push notification or a text in case any unusual event has been detected in your car or if a car has been started and moved by an unauthorized user. Thanks to the GPS feature, you will be able to track your car’s location in real-time, which will help you retrieve your car in case of a theft.

It is always worth investing in what you love the most! Knowing where your loved ones as well as valuable family possessions are 24/7 will give you a huge amount of peace of mind and help you relax more in a number of situations. GPS tracking certainly is the way to go!