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How Does a Car Alarm Work?

The risk of having your car broken into or stolen is higher than many people realize. Thieves are just as prevalent today as they always have been, and cars are a top target. It doesn’t matter if you have a car that’s 15 years old, which has seen better days, or a brand new vehicle. Thieves will look for opportunities to take what is yours.

Therefore, having proper car security is essential. Without it, your car is at a much greater risk. It’s important to have several types of protection for your vehicle, as we will discuss below. First, though, you will want to understand more about car alarms, how they work, and why they should not be your only line of defense.

The Features and Functions of Car Alarms

A car alarm is a system installed in a vehicle that works to help prevent theft. While there are different types of car alarm systems available, the most common will feature many of the same components.

The alarm system will come with a controller, so you are able to arm and disarm the alarm. There are sensors, as well, which are installed on different parts of the vehicle. These sensors are monitoring for vibrations in or on the vehicle. They can also monitor for movements of the vehicle. If there is any movement or vibration detected, the sensors will then activate a siren, which creates a loud noise that is supposed to scare away thieves and get attention from people who are in the area. It is used as a theft deterrent.

In the case of some of the modern options available for car alarm systems, there are also advanced notification systems, so you can be alerted through your phone if there is an issue with your vehicle. These can be more beneficial, but they still should never be your only choice for car security.

However, even though car alarm systems are very popular and the vast majority of vehicles have these types of systems installed, there is still a problem. Because they are so pervasive and because there are so many false alarms, people have become desensitized to hearing the alarms. They have heard them often enough that they end up ignoring them. Because the car alarms sense vibrations, it means that when a large truck or even a motorcycle drives past, it can set off the alarms. This increases the number of false alarms, and eventually, people stop paying attention to them entirely.

In the past, quality alarms would be enough to scare away thieves. However, many thieves have become very technically savvy and know how to disable the car alarms. Many of them can shut off the car alarm very quickly, so it doesn’t end up gaining any attention at all. When you wake up in the morning and walk outside to the vehicle, you find that it’s gone.

Factory Car Alarms vs. Aftermarket Car Alarms

Many vehicles today come with a standard car alarm. There are generally two different types of factory alarm options. One will feature a remote control that you can use to arm or disarm the system, and another that will be activated when you lock the car using a key.

While these types of alarms can work as intended, they are also very simple, which means that they are not always providing you with the amount of protection that you want and need. Because these types of alarms are so common, it means that the thieves are going to know where to look to find and disable it.

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Aftermarket alarms tend to have a lot more options and features available with them. There are options available to fit most budget ranges, alarms with various types of sensors and locations for sensors, and when they are installed professionally, they can be more difficult for thieves to find and remove. The siren can be hidden, and the housings for many of these alarms are very durable.

However, there are still practiced thieves out there who will be able to remove them given time, as they are not foolproof. Still, when compared with a factory alarm, the aftermarket car alarms tend to be a better option, albeit more expensive. You still need to have more security.

A Car Alarm Should Not Be Your Only Car Security Solution

Fortunately, you can add another line of protection to your vehicle that is actually far better than just a car alarm. CarLock provides you with a far more robust amount of security than you would find with a simple car alarm systems.

With CarLock, you get a full GPS tracker that is able to provide you with real-time information regarding the location of your car, including real-time phone notification. You will be alerted if there is a suspicious activity with your vehicle, such as someone trying to break into it. The device is able to alert you if your vehicle’s engine has been started without you, it is moving, such as being towed, and it can even let you know if the device has been disconnected from the vehicle. Even if a thief finds and removes it, you will still know, which means you will have more time to react.

CarLock car alarm system

When you also choose to use the CarLock Tag, it will automate the security process for you. It means that you will be able to pair with your phone, so the alarm will turn off when you near and turn on when you leave the vehicle’s proximity.

These devices are simple to install. You can choose those that will plug into the OBD, or you might opt for a hardwired version. There is also a portable version, which you can place anywhere in the vehicle and still get all of the same benefits.

When you choose to use CarLock along with other security measures for your vehicle, you can make sure that it is truly safe. In such a dangerous world, having more security is always the better option.