stolen car key

Car Theft Attempt with the Stolen Car Key

One of the absolute worst feelings in the world is waking up in the morning, heading out to the driveway to go to work or to drop the kids off at school and then realizing that your car is missing. You didn’t hear anything happen overnight that would have alerted you, and your car alarm never went off for the vehicle. There are no telltale signs of someone having broken into it either, such as broken glass. It seems like your car vanished or drove off on its own. What could have happened?

How Did the Thief Steal the Car?

In cases like this, one of the ways that the car might have been stolen was not due to a lack of car anti-theft devices, but rather a lost or misplaced key. This type of theft will typically happen to vehicles that are somewhat older and that use traditional keys only rather than some of the newer cars hackable from a distance. Most of the time, car owners are careful with their keys, and they tend to keep them out of sight of would-be thieves.

Still, there are times when a thief can get their hands on an original key, bypassing the locks and the usual car security measures in place. They can start up the vehicle and drive away. This is simultaneously one of the easiest and most complicated methods of stealing the car. It is easy because it eliminates the threat of car security features like alarms. Having the key will bypass them. The difficulty comes from getting a hold of the key in the first place.

How Could a Criminal Get the Key?

A criminal might come upon the key in any number of different ways. This is especially true if you have more than one copy of your car keys, as many people do. When one set goes missing, you might not even realize it for some time. Keys forgotten on a counter in the grocery store, fallen out of a pocket or purse when you are at the gym or dropped and not noticed when you are getting out of your vehicle are all possible.

If your home was broken into recently, check to make sure that all sets of your keys are accounted for; otherwise, it could mean that the thieves now have a set of your keys. They could have access to your home and your vehicle.

There are countless potential ways that you could end up losing your keys. If you are unlucky, those keys will end up in the hands of a thief, and you will become the victim of car theft.

What Can You Do About This?

It is important to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to your keys, so you can reduce the risk of losing or misplacing them. You might not be able to eliminate the risk, but you can do things to minimize the problem. Dedicate a place at your home to keep your keys and get into the habit of putting them in that location. The same is true if you take the keys out of your pocket at work. Put them in the same place each time, and always make sure that they are in out of the way, hidden spots – even in your home. Another option is to get a Bluetooth tracker for the keys, which will allow you to track your keys with an app on your phone.

While you can take precautions not to lose your keys, it can still happen. If it does, you want to be able to retrieve your vehicle. With the right type of technology, this is indeed possible. What if you happen to know that your keys were stolen? What should you do then? If you have a newer vehicle, you will likely want to head to your car’s manufacturer or a local dealer, or locksmith, who will be able to reprogram a new key for you. This will ensure that the old keys will not work. This tends to be a relatively affordable option, but it still could cost several hundred dollars.

Benefits of using CarLock as a GPS Car Tracker

Having factory car alarms can help, but it is not a foolproof situation. The original keys will deactivate the alarm, and even when the alarm goes off, it does not always mean that your car will remain safe. Many people today have gotten to the point where they ignore car alarms, even their own.

CarLock, a high-quality car tracking option, on the other hand, can detect unusual vibrations in the vehicle and can alert the owner with a loud push notification when the vibration is detected, when the engine is started or if the vehicle has moved position. CarLock car tracking device can also provide advanced trip tracking to find the routes that the car has taken, providing users with a clear picture of what is happening with the vehicle. As the CarLock system can be managed simply via the app on the phone, it is impossible to fool the CarLock system into thinking the stolen key has been used by an authorized person.

When using a CarLock GPS car tracker, it can help to provide you with advanced security for your vehicle around the clock. Even if the vehicle is stolen, it could mean an easier time for the authorities to track down the car before it is stripped, sold, or destroyed.

Keep Your Vehicle Protected

You don’t want to wake up to a missing vehicle. You do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with police reports and your insurance company. Take steps now to keep your keys out of the hands of thieves and to ensure the safety of your car no matter where you park and no matter what happens to your keys.

You should also strive to keep your vehicle protected while you are at home. This means you will want to park it in a well-lit area. You will also want to have a security system and camera system for the home, if possible. Having a camera trained at the garage can be a good way to deter would-be thieves.