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Cloned Key Attack

When thieves steal vehicles, they have a few different methods of operation that they often use. If it is a vehicle with no car alarm installed, they can often get through the window, hotwire the car, and take off. They might even steal the keys to the vehicle, which can help them to get around just about any car security measures that are in place. There is, however, a high-theft method which is very popular among thieves – to take the car with a cloned key. This is, unfortunately common, and it is relatively easy.

What Are These Types of Thefts and How Do They Happen?

Thieves will look for ways that they can gain access to key fobs. They often look for locations where owners will leave their vehicles, and their keys, for extended periods. This might include locations that have valet parking, the repair shop, and similar locales. They are looking for a place where people are separated from their keys, and where they will have access to those key fobs. Once they have access, they can then take the fobs to be cloned via a fob duplicator. This creates a separate fob that has the same information, and that can be used to get into the vehicle. The original keys will then be returned to their place, and the owners will not realize what happened.

Thieves can then use the cloned key fob to gain access to the vehicle whenever they wish. The thieves could steal the car that day, they could follow a person home and steal the car in the night, or they could wait until the person returns to the same location. In other cases, thieves can clone the keys and get their pertinent information through the OBD Port in the vehicle when they do not have access to your fob.

With both of these methods, the process is relatively fast and straightforward. Thieves do not have to spend much money on equipment or on time to get what they need. Regardless of how thieves get and clone the information, it is a severe problem that could lead to the loss of your vehicle. You want to do everything that you can to make their job as difficult as possible.

Why Does Key Fob Cloning Technology Exist?

Many might be wondering why technology to copy a car key signal even exists if it’s so easy for car thieves to use. The reason is simple. Cloning for remote car locks exists as a technology used by locksmiths to make it easier to make new keys for a vehicle, which also tends to be cheaper for the customers. They simply have some transponders that they use along with key blanks and a machine. There are no changes to the vehicle, and it provides fast and simple access.

Of course, as with just about any type of technology, there’s also the serious potential for misuse when it gets into the hands of the wrong people. The technology is readily available on the web for people to buy, and it doesn’t cost much at all.

With the transponders and receivers used by car thieves, it becomes much easier for them to get into a vehicle by cloning remote car locks. If they can get into the vehicle, it means the car can be stolen without keys at all. Even if you have a good lock and alarm system on your vehicle, when they clone a car remote, they’ll have access. It’s for this reason that you’ll want to take as many extra precautions as possible when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safer

How can you stop these types of cloned key attacks? You might find that you want to reduce the number of places you go where you are without your key fob. You will also want to be aware of who will have access to the fob in those instances when you have to leave it with someone else. Be more aware of what’s happening with the vehicle. While this will not eliminate all possibilities of having your car stolen, it can help.

cloned key attack

Keep in mind that when people have access to your vehicle and they clone your keys, they might not take the car right away. Instead, they will take their new cloned key, along with information about where you live, for example. This way, they can come to your home in a week or a month to easily slip into your car and drive away with their very own key. When this happens, you will probably not even remember that your keys and your vehicle were out of your hands a few weeks prior. The theft will seem mysterious, and chances are your vehicle will be gone for good, unless you have other precautions in place, as noted below.

Another tip to use to help you keep your keys safer is to utilize a special pouch, bag, or box for them. A Faraday bag or box is lined with a layer of metal that provides your keys with protection. It isolates the key fob and its frequency so that it isn’t transmitted. Since it is not being transmitted, it means that it can’t be cloned. Place them into this device when you are at home, so they can’t be cloned. These bags and boxes are handy and affordable devices that can help to keep your vehicle safer without much of an additional investment.

Also, there are things you can do to help keep your car safer if it has been taken. Through the use of a car tracking system, such as CarLock, you can see where your car is at all times. CarLock even enables you to be alerted to any strange movements or vibrations in the vehicle. This will let you know right away when something is wrong, allowing you to get in touch with the authorities sooner and help to increase the chances of recovering your vehicle. Since the CarLock car tracking solution can be managed via the app on the phone, the system will notify you anytime your vehicle has been operated by an unauthorized person, regardless of the key fob that has been used.

Never Use Just One Method of Protection for Your Vehicle

With the danger or key fob attacks on the rise and with more people have easy access to car key fob cloners, it’s imperative that you use as many means of protection for your vehicle as possible. Not only do you need to be careful when it comes to where you’re placing your keys and keeping them out of sight, but you also need to think about other methods of protection.

If you don’t have a quality car alarm already, you’ll want to have one installed as soon as possible. This is true of both new and used vehicles, as both can be attractive targets to thieves. CarLock, as mentioned, will be a huge help in the protection of your vehicle. You should also make sure that you have a steering wheel lock.

While it’s possible for thieves to get through the lock and other obstacles in their way, they each take time. By having more of these protections in place, it makes your vehicle less attractive to them. They want to be away with your vehicle as quickly as they can.

Continue to Be Vigilant

Thieves will continue to get better and better at stealing vehicles. They will come up with new and improved ways to bypass car security and car anti-theft devices. This means that car manufacturers and car owners need to be vigilant and continue to improve their means of protection. With quality products like a car tracker, it becomes possible to ensure a higher level of safety for your vehicle. Choosing a GPS tracker like CarLock that has evolved over the years is a great option.

Take steps to improve the security of your vehicle and to reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen and not getting it back. The right car tracker does go a long way in helping to make this happen. You can also take some simple steps when you are out and when you are at home to improve the safety of your vehicle. For example, when you head out to the theater and the mall, instead of parking far out in the parking lot, park closer to where all the action is. More eyes mean thieves are less likely to target your vehicle for a typical break-in.

When you are at home, you will want to take the time to ensure that it is parked in a safe spot. If you have a driveway, make sure there is lighting overnight. If you have to park on the street, try to park under a streetlight rather than in a pool of darkness. While this does not always keep a car safe, it can help. Thieves do not like to be seen.

With the right precautions and a high-quality GPS car tracker, such as CarLock, you can help to increase the overall security of your vehicle. You will be able to rest easy at night knowing that your car has those added layers of protection to help keep it in your possession rather than that of the thieves.

Car Key Cloning FAQ

Below, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions, and their answers regarding car key cloning and key fob attacks.

1 – Can Car Key Fobs Be Cloned?

Yes, as you’ve seen from the technology described above, key fob cloning is possible today. It’s a bigger risk than it’s ever been since the devices used for car key cloning are widely available and affordable.

2 – How do Thieves Clone Car Keys?

Today, thieves have access to a range of technologies that make it easier for them to steal cars, unfortunately. They have devices that allow them to make key fob attacks and to clone keys from a distance. They could stand right outside of your home and clone your fob, giving them instant access to your vehicle.

3 – Where Do You Risk Someone Trying to Copy a Car Key Signal?

Unfortunately, the answer is just about everywhere. These devices for cloning are used from a distance, and that means the danger exists not just when you drop your keys off for an oil change or to a valet, but even when you’re at home. You need to do everything you can to keep your keys safe.

4 – What Blocks My Car Key Signal?

You can block your car key signal using simple metal foil wrapped around the fob and key. Faraday boxes and bags are available as well, which do the same thing. You may want to consider having one of these at home, and one that you use for your keys while you are out and have them in your pocket.

5 – How Does CarLock Help?

Although the CarLock device doesn’t stop car key cloning from occurring, it does provide you with instant alerts if there is any strange activity happening with your vehicle. This can increase your chance of interrupting the thieves and getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen.