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CarLock Saved Nick’s Car from Being Stolen

Nick B. (@sinister_silverado on Instagram), a college student from Michigan, was notified by the CarLock app on his phone a vibration was detected on his Chevy Camaro at 3.30 am on Saturday, Sep 7. He ran out to his car as fast as he could and literally prevented a group of guys to break into his pride and joy.

“It was really early on Saturday morning. I couldn’t get a lot of sleep for whatever reason. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. All of a sudden a notification comes across my phone saying “vibration detected” on Chevy Camaro,” Nick reported. He was lucky enough to have the CarLock device installed in his car that enabled him to get the “vibration” notification and react promptly.

As soon as the CarLock alert was received, Nick jumped out of his bed and ran towards his car where he confronted 3 guys trying to break into his Chevy. “They all took off and I was unable to catch any of them. I called our campus police department and they came out extremely fast,” he said. Unfortunately, Nick’s car was parked out of the view of the parking lot cameras, so the police were unable to detect where exactly the criminals came from.

Nick is a college student attending Eastern Michigan University, which is located in a fairly sketchy area. “There are constantly crimes being committed,” he explained. However, aside from a little body damage to the door, Nick was more than lucky that his car remained almost undamaged.