GPS car tracker

How to Track Car Location with a GPS Car Tracker

Each year, well over 750,000 vehicles in the United States are stolen. An even larger number are broken into or vandalized. Keeping your vehicle truly safe is important, and it requires more than just a car alarm. In fact, since so many people today simply ignore car alarms when they hear them, car owners need to start utilizing a better way of keeping their vehicles safe. Using a GPS car tracker can help immensely, as it will allow you to track the location of the vehicle if it is ever stolen.

The Basics: How the GPS Works

A GPS car tracker makes use of the global positioning system, which is a network of satellites that surround the earth, along with ground stations. The system makes it possible to track the location of your vehicle on earth, as long as it features a GPS transmitter. It’s similar to how your phone is able to tell where you are, since it can connect to GPS. The system is able to determine whether you are stationary or you are in motion.

When you are using a GPS car tracker, it will provide you with the ability to track your vehicle in near real-time. The system will update every 30 seconds, so you will always know right where your vehicle is and whether it is somewhere that it should not be. If someone were to steal your car, you would be able to find out where they are and let the police know. This would make it more likely that they will be able to retrieve your vehicle in less time.

Getting GPS for Your Vehicle

Getting a quality GPS car tracker for your car today is very affordable, and it could be a great idea for anyone who wants to have an added element of safety for their vehicle. You can choose a CarLock car tracker, which you can install by plugging it right into the OBD port. It will get the power it needs from the port, and it will then be able to provide you with alerts for your vehicle.

It is a small device that will install in a matter of minutes, including the time that it takes to set up the system online. When it is activated, the GPS tracker will be able to provide you with notifications of the location of your car, but it can do quite a bit more. It will also be able to let you know if your vehicle’s engine has been started without you in it or if the vehicle is being towed away. It will track the vehicle and the collected data will then be sent to the CarLock cloud, which you can access to get data and alerts.

GPS car tracker for vehicles and how it works

You can check the location of the vehicle through your smartphone or your computer. It’s easy to see exactly where the car is at any given time. This will provide you with some additional peace of mind.

It can provide a loud push notification and/or SMS backup notifications. You can also be alerted if the system detected any unusual vibrations around the vehicle. For example, if someone is trying to pry their way into the vehicle or if they are using power tools to attempt to get into the vehicle, the tracker can detect the problem and send an alert.

While some vehicles have GPS systems built into them, they do not have quality GPS trackers that can provide a suite of services and that will be easy for you to check from your phone or computer. Instead of relying on a poor quality system that only helps with your car’s navigation, it’s time to consider a better quality option that can actually improve your car’s security.

You will find that CarLock can also provide some other benefits aside from just being able to track the location of a stolen vehicle. In addition, it can provide notifications and data on how the vehicle is being driven. For example, if you have a teen driver in the house who borrows the car, you can be notified when there is harsh acceleration or harsh cornering. It can give you a better idea of how the car is being driven and whether the driver is being responsible.

As you can imagine, this also happens to be quite helpful when it comes to having company vehicles. You can get a better understanding of where your fleet vehicles are going each day and how they are being driven. It can let you know if some of the employees might need retraining on driving the vehicles.

CarLock is also able to provide you with a notification in case someone disconnects the device. It will make use of a backup battery to provide the notification. In addition, you can receive a notification if someone is trying to jam the GPS. It can even let you know when the car’s battery is running low on power.

It is also possible to add backup SMS or call notifications to the CarLock device in case there is a bad cellular connection in the area, or if you don’t like to pay roaming prices when you are traveling. It’s simple to install, you can use it to track your car’s location no matter where you happen to be, and it will help to keep your vehicle where it belongs.

Your Vehicle Deserves Safety

You use your car all the time, and that means you need to keep it safe. Having someone steal your vehicle, even if you have good insurance, is going to be a huge hassle. You don’t want to have any downtime when you don’t have a vehicle that can get you back and forth to work and that can help you run all of your errands. Your vehicle deserves safety of this level, and you deserve the peace of mind. Using a quality GPS tracker like CarLock will ensure that you can rest easy no matter where your vehicle is parked.