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How CarLock customer deterred a burglar in front of a body shop

Newly installed security cameras at the auto repair shop in Southeast Portland captured a burglary on Wednesday, Jan 8, originally detected by CarLock GPS car tracker. The car tracking unit was connected to the owner’s vehicle which enabled him to receive a “vibration detected” notification, react promptly and save his Subaru.

CarLock owner from Southern Portland – who wanted to remain anonymous – purchased CarLock GPS car tracking device as he was well aware of the Subaru thefts in the area and thus wanted to ensure some peace of mind in case his vehicle got stolen. He hardwired the CarLock device to the car’s battery so it could remain unnoticed, and made sure to arm the area via the CarLock app on his phone every time he parked the car. It was early Wednesday morning – around 3 a.m. – on Jan 8 when he suddenly received a “vibration detected” alert which immediately prompted concerns. He headed towards his car that was parked in front of the body shop and shortly found out his vehicle had been broken into.

“Upon arrival, the window was busted out ever so gently but the car alarm did not go off for whatever reason. Carlock was my personal silent alarm,” our customer explained. He shone the flashlight through the back passenger side window and noticed a man tearing his ECU system and the head unit from the vehicle. He pointed a gun at the person inside so he could get him out of the car. He then wrestled the burglar to the ground but quickly let him go. The suspect was bleeding from his nose and he was concerned about the exposure to his blood.

Source: KOIN.COM 

According to the body shop owner, the victim was lucky to prevent the burglar from stealing car stereo equipment worth about $3500. Not only he saved his Subaru, but 3 other vehicles parked in front of the body shop as well! A great majority of similar events, unfortunately, remain unnoticed.

Our customer was brave enough to handle the situation himself. However, here is what he would advise anyone in a similar position: “Don’t confront people, you never know what could happen… Just call the police.”

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Source: Koin Media