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Can You Monitor Multiple Vehicles Using One Car Security System?

Having a proper car security system for your vehicle is important to keep that vehicle safe. However, you might be wondering what you should do if you happen to have more than one vehicle. Maybe you have several vehicles in your household that you want to monitor, or maybe you have a fleet of vehicles that will need to be tracked and monitored. Naturally, you want to find a good solution that is able to provide you with the protection and the monitoring you need, and that won’t break the bank.

Let’s take a closer look at the car security system options that are available today to start to get a better idea of which option will work best for your needs. You will find that most of the time, you aren’t going to be able to protect all of your vehicles with a single system. However, there is some hope with CarLock, as you will see.

Types of Systems for Car Security

There are many different types of car security systems available today, and you will find that they work very differently from one another. You will also find that they are not always as effective as you might have hoped.

The traditional car alarm comes with most of the new cars that you buy today, already installed by the manufacturer. While these are one of the most common types of security systems for cars, they are not as much of a deterrent as you might think, and they are not going to have much of an ability to track and monitor the vehicle.

All security system notifications in one place

These will sound an alarm when something happens to your vehicle. However, they are often ignored today. Consider the last time you checked out what was happening when you heard a car alarm. You likely figured it was tripped by mistake and ignored it. Thieves rely on this.

Another type of car security system is an immobilizing device. If someone tries to hotwire your car, for example, and they do not have the key fob in their present, they will likely try to hotwire your vehicle to drive it away. With an immobilizing device, the system can prevent the vehicle from starting at all, even with hot wiring.

While this is a better option than just having an alarm, it doesn’t help you if someone tows your vehicle away. This is a practice that is becoming more common with thieves. Even though they might not be able to start the car, they could hook it up to a tow truck or put it on a flatbed, for example.

Instead, you may want to consider the benefits of having a GPS tracking system, as detailed in the next section. It’s a car security system that has some other great features.

Benefits of Choosing GPS Car Tracking Security Systems

One of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking is that you will be able to track the location of your car if it is stolen. You aren’t able to do this with the other types of security systems we’ve discussed.

Not only that, but it is also often possible to get multiple devices for vehicles and to track them through the same application with the car security system. This is a good option for those who have a fleet of cars or trucks that they might need to track, for example. Of course, it’s also possible to do this if you have several vehicles that you want to track in your own household.

For example, you might have teen drivers, and you want to keep track of their vehicles, as well as your own. GPS tracking systems that will fit right into the OBD port are a fantastic solution. These devices will be able to track your vehicle no matter where it is being driven. It can also detect strange activity happening in or around the vehicle, such as vibrations that might indicate someone trying to break into the car.

Why Consider Choosing CarLock?

CarLock has a multivehicle monitoring solution that will work well for your car security system needs. There is an app that you can use to add multiple vehicles to your account. As long as they all have a CarLock device, you will be able to monitor them. You can switch between the different vehicles in the app quickly and easily, as well.

The app will let you see the armed and disarmed statuses of all of your vehicles, as well as get notifications for the vehicles.

List of All Vehicles on the App

CarLock has plenty of other features that help to make it a solid solution for those who want to monitor several vehicles with a car security system. You will be able to monitor how the vehicles are being driven, for example. The system can send notifications to the mobile app to let you know how whether there is harsh acceleration or turns detected, for example. You can set the system up to get alerts in the event that the vehicle moves outside of the allowed area, as well.

Not only will you be able to switch between different vehicles when you have multiple devices, but you will find that the devices are not tied to a specific vehicle. This means that if you only have one device, you can take it our of your OBD port and put it into the OBD port of your teen’s car when they head out on the weekend. Then, you will be able to monitor their activity when they are out.

As you can see, when it comes to car security systems that are able to track multiple vehicles, CarLock will be your best choice. It’s easy to use, affordable, and it has a range of features that help to make it a solid choice.

Consider all of the various benefits that CarLock can provide and make it your choice for a high-quality car security system that will help to keep your vehicles safer, and that will allow you to learn more about your drivers’ behaviors behind the wheel.