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Are Car Alarms Effective at Preventing a Car Theft?

How safe is your car? If you have a traditional car alarm in your vehicle, you might believe that your vehicle is safe and sound sitting in your driveway or the parking low when you head into the grocery store. However, you might be living with a false sense of security right now. Once you start to learn more about these car alarms, you will find that they are not as effective at preventing car theft as you might have believed. While it’s still a good idea to have one of these alarms, it’s not the only type of protection you will want for your vehicle, as you will see below.

False Alarms and Ignored Alarms

How many times have you set off your own car alarm by mistake? It happens to everyone, and it happens more often than you might want to admit. You might bump into your car while walking past it or you might try to get into the trunk without first disarming it and the alarm will go off. Your child might accidentally hit the car with an errant basketball. Maybe the alarm is extremely sensitive and goes off when loud trucks or motorcycles rumble past your home.

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You likely have neighbors who have these issues, as well. This means that there are often car alarms going off. When car alarms were first introduced, people would look to make sure that no one was stealing their car or someone else’s vehicle. However, we’ve become very complacent as a society when it comes to these alarms. In fact, they are often ignored. People automatically believe that the alarm was too sensitive, or someone made a mistake getting into their own vehicle. When everyone is ignoring the sound of an alarm, it won’t do much good at all.

Thieves Aren’t Deterred by Alarms and Have Advanced Theft Methods

Additionally, thieves today are not typically bothered by alarms. While some might bypass a vehicle that has an alarm because they don’t want to go through the hassle, that’s not the case with all car thieves. Most know that people today don’t look twice when they hear a car alarm going off in a parking lot or on a street. They use this to their advantage, and it’s easier than ever for them to take a vehicle, even if the alarm is sounded.

Many thieves today are using advanced methods to steal vehicles, as well. They might clone the keys or use transmitters and relays to mimic the signal of a car’s keys. This bypasses the alarm system entirely. They can get into the vehicle, start it, and be gone without an alarm even sounding. The devices and tech that the thieves are using are becoming easier for the bad guys to get their hands on, too. This means that you have to do something more than just outfitting your vehicle with a standard or aftermarket car alarm.

Fortunately, there are some better methods that you can start using, and one of those is called CarLock. Let’s get a better look at what this system and device can offer and why it might be the perfect complement to your vehicle’s current car alarm system.

CarLock Provides the Benefits You Need

CarLock is a device and system that can be used with your vehicle to ensure you have far better protection than just a car alarm alone. First, the device is simple to install or to have installed by a professional. If you are choosing the hardwired option, you will have a mechanic install it and attach it to your battery. Some options can be installed and used without the need for professional installation. You can add the device to the OBD port in your vehicle, or you can opt for a wireless device that you can hide in your vehicle. Once they are installed, you can connect them to the CarLock app, which then provides you with a host of benefits.

CarLock will allow you to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world, and you will not need to be close to the vehicle to have alerts and notifications sent to your phone. Even if the app is not open and running, you will still receive alerts about your vehicle.

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When you have car monitoring enabled, you will receive a host of different advanced notifications. You can be alerted when your vehicle moves outside of the locked areas, and you can then start to track the vehicle in real-time. Whenever the engine is started, you will be notified right away. There are also alerts for detected vibrations, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding, low battery, and more. You will even receive notifications if the GPS signal is lost or if the device has been disconnected.

One of the ways that thieves may attempt to steal your vehicle is by using a GPS jammer. Knowing that this is happening right away can allow you to alert the authorities to a stolen vehicle faster. This can help to improve your chance of recovery.

You will also find that the cost of the device and the monthly service is quite low given all of the benefits that it can provide. If you want to have true protection for your vehicle, this could be an ideal solution. Whether you only need it for your family vehicle, or you want to have a device for all of the vehicles in your fleet, it’s a perfect addition to a traditional car alarm to keep your vehicle protected.

Add Better Protection to Your Vehicle Today

Now that you can see why car alarms are not effective at keeping car thieves at bay, it’s time that you considered CarLock. Given all of the features and benefits that it offers, adding the system to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles should be something you do sooner rather than later. Get the protection you need today with this advanced security solution.