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Benefits of using CarLock in these times of uncertainty

The coronavirus has spread worldwide and has caused more than 200.000 diseases so far. The pandemic has had a huge impact on public life in many countries, forcing more and more people to remain in self-isolation to prevent the disease from spreading further. Regions, such as Italian Lombardy, that are most affected by the virus have even been placed under a strict lockdown, which has completely immobilized the population and restricted people’s mobility. Since – due to the accepted measurements – many vehicles will stay untouched and parked on the streets for at least a month, it is important to ensure that they are protected and under constant surveillance.

We prepared a list of 4 tips on how the CarLock GPS car tracking device can help you monitor your vehicle in the times of uncertainty that the COVID-19 has brought into our daily lives.

1. Install the car monitoring system without any social interaction

Many GPS car tracking products require professional installation performed by a qualified automotive technician, which is completely impossible during the period of self-isolation. CarLock, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use plug-and-play product that does not require any professional tools to be installed. The device, equipped with a SIM card and its own GPS and the GSM antenna, pre-configured with an installed SIM card, can be simply plugged into the car’s OBD II port. Once the device is connected, a vehicle can be tracked via a simple mobile phone app.

2. Have your vehicle in constant check while in self-isolation

The global pandemic has brought public life to a standstill, but unfortunately, this won’t stop criminals from doing their job. Whether you have your vehicle parked on the street or in a parking garage, it’s important to provide it with the best possible protection during the quarantine period. This can be easily accomplished with the CarLock car tracking system that updates vehicle location even when the vehicle is stationary, and provides real-time phone alerts if any vibrations are detected, if the vehicle has been moved, in case the engine has been started and if the CarLock device has been disconnected. An easy-to-use CarLock mobile app also enables multi-vehicle monitoring, allowing you to get notifications for all your vehicles.

3. Use CarLock as proof your vehicle was parked during the quarantine period

A number of regions have already introduced the so-called “red zones” (quarantined areas) and strict fines may be imposed on anyone who leaves the zones or in any way violates the accepted measurements. In situations like these, CarLock can serve as evidence that the car remained parked during the quarantine period. The CarLock solution includes a detailed trip log that shows the history of all the trips taken with a vehicle. The trips can even be exported from the my.CarLock web app to a computer in CSV or XLS file format.

4. Check your car battery status while your vehicle is not in use

It happened many times that we flew away for a short break and left the car parked at the airport. If you are gone for a weekend or even a week, your car should, under normal circumstances, still start without problems. However, if a car is not used for more than two weeks, the battery may start to fail. The reason lies in the fact the chemical reaction within the battery, which generates an electrical current, slows down when the car is stationary, especially in cars with high-end accessories installed. 

Having an overview of the car battery status when a car is not in use for a longer period of time is, therefore, crucial, which can become a very simple task if you’re a CarLock owner. In addition to security and car tracking features, CarLock actively monitors the vehicle’s electrical system and immediately alerts car owners in the event of a low battery or an unusual drain on the battery. Besides, the CarLock device has different power saving modes, so when the car is idle, it will consume only around 2mA. Even if the car is idle for a couple of weeks, the device will not affect its battery.

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In the times of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, it is impossible to ignore the great insecurity the situation has brought with it. Being connected to a personal vehicle during the period of self-isolation will significantly reduce your anxiety knowing that your valuable possession is safe and sound. Unique security features that CarLock offers will give you the peace of mind and help to reduce the risk of your vehicle being broken into or even driven away.

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