Consider CarAlarm to protect your car

What to Consider Before Buying a Car Alarm

Whether you have a new car or a used car, you want to make sure it is as safe as possible. You know that there is always the possibility of thieves who want to break into the vehicle to steal your items or steal the car. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is not in the best condition either. Thieves and joyriders are not always going to discriminate when they are looking for a vehicle to steal. Naturally, you know you need to have a car alarm on your vehicle.

How Do Car Alarms Work and What Are the Benefits?

These alarms work relatively simply. The alarms are made up of several parts. There will be a computer and a receiver that will respond to your keycode. There will also be a loudspeaker and several sensors on the vehicle. When the alarm has been turned on and one or more of the sensors receives a response that something is amiss, the alarm will go off and the siren will begin to wail. Early car alarms would only have one or two sensors. Most of the options on the market today have far more sensors, which can make them seem secure.

car alarm security

Having an alarm on your vehicle is a good idea. Most vehicles today will have a basic alarm that comes standard, although some people choose to add aftermarket alarms that have more functionality. The alarm can help to provide more protection for your vehicles and the valuables that it contains. If your car has an alarm and there are other cars nearby that do not have an alarm, chances are that the thief will choose the easier target. Another benefit of having a car alarm is the fact that it can help to reduce the cost of car insurance.

Disadvantages of Car Alarms

Of course, even though having an alarm in your vehicle is a good idea, it is not always the best solution for keeping your vehicle safe if you do not have any other safety measures in use. Alarms have some disadvantages today, and one of the biggest is that people tend to ignore them. When an alarm goes off today, most people do not look twice. They automatically believe it was a false alarm because there have been so many false alarms in the past. Today’s alarms are essentially the boy who cried wolf. However, we all know that sometimes, those alarms are real, and someone is making off with a vehicle that does not belong to time.

In addition to being ignored, the alarms can often be bypassed by thieves today. They know how to disconnect the alarms and they have technologies that can help them get around the alarm system entirely. With these technologies, thieves do not fear car alarms any longer. You need to find methods that can make the car more difficult to steal. The harder you make it for a thief the more likely they are to skip your vehicle.

There are some simple things you can do to help get your vehicle truly protected. For example, in addition to having a car alarm system, you should also think about adding some physical protection in the form of a steering wheel lock. While thieves can get past these, it will add time to them sitting in the car and being suspicious. Combine that lock with a good car alarm and CarLock, and you can have a winning protection plan for your vehicle.

CarLock is a Great Alternative to a Standard Car Alarm

CarLock car security device
CarLock car security alarm.

What is it that makes CarLock such a good option for car owners? It provides a range of features that you will not always get with the standard alarms on the market. These other features help to make it a standout. Let’s look at these features to see why you might want to use this as an alternative to a standard alarm.

CarLock is easy to use and install for starters. The system has several installation options. One of the most popular is the OBD device, which will plug into the OBD port in your vehicle. Another option is to have the device hardwired to the battery. This helps to ensure that it is out of the way, but it won’t be possible to move the device from one vehicle to another as you could with the OBD device. It is also possible to get a battery-powered CarLock device instead. This has the advantage of being easily hidden nearly anywhere in the vehicle.

When you have the device installed and connected, you can receive a range of alerts that most car alarm systems do not provide. You will be alerted whenever the vehicle is moving, when there are unusual vibrations detected, and when the engine is started without you in the vehicle.

Car alarm security app
Car alarm security application.

You can also receive alerts for harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration. These alerts can give you a better idea of how your vehicle is being driven when you are not in it. This can be helpful for those who have teen drivers in the family or who allow family or friends to borrow their vehicle. The device can even tell you when the device is disconnected or when the GPS signal is lost. The device can also provide you with real-time tracking of your vehicle with the GPS.

You will be able to monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world, meaning you can even be aware of what’s happening with your vehicle when you are on vacation. Another nice feature is the CarLock Tag. This device will automatically turn on and off notifications to your phone based on your proximity to the car. This will eliminate any false alarms that would typically send you a notification.

With all of the benefits that CarLock can provide, it makes sense to add this to your vehicle in addition to a car alarm and other safety precautions that you take.