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Critical alerts now available for CarLock iOS users

Critical alerts are special notifications containing important information, related to security, weather, or health, that are received even when the iOS devices are in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. They cannot be turned off, as they provide the most essential information for a user. However, the critical alert notification option needs to be turned on if you want to receive this type of alerts even when your phone is in Do Not Disturb. We are happy to announce Apple has approved critical alerts for the CarLock app and this option is now available for the iOS users.

In addition to the CarLock standard push notifications, CarLock offers as a paid add-on an option to add backup SMS and call notifications to be notified in case of a bad mobile data connection or to avoid high roaming prices during travels. Until recently, the CarLock backup call option was an important feature for iPhone users, allowing them to receive CarLock notifications even when the Silent and Do Not Disturb modes were turned on. From now on, the CarLock backup call notifications are no longer required for iOS users in this particular case.

How to enable critical alerts in my CarLock app?

If you’re a new CarLock user, you can enable critical alerts simply by tapping the “Allow” button in the message saying CarLock would like to send you critical alerts.

CarLock critical alerts

You can easily manage the general notification settings in my.CarLock or your mobile app under the Settings menu. 

If you are an active CarLock user, you can activate critical alerts in Settings > Notifications.

CarLock critical alerts

Select the CaLock app and simply Allow Critical Alerts.

CarLock critical alerts
CarLock critical alerts

Now that you have critical alerts turned on, you’ll be able to receive CarLock security notifications even when your phone is in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. 

If you get stuck anywhere or have any questions, visit our help center for more information.

The CarLock Team