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CarLock helped John catch a thief inside his car

John and his girlfriend were visiting his family in north LA when one evening he suddenly received a CarLock “vibration detected” alert on his phone. As soon as he checked his car, he noticed it remained untouched and turned back home, but in less than 30 minutes he received another alert, proving that the thief wasn’t hiding far away!

John K., a CarLock user, reported his car was parked on the street block because he and his girlfriend could not find a parking space in front of his family member’s house the night of their arrival. When he first received CarLock vibration detected alert, he quickly jumped out of the house, and as he approached the vehicle, he saw no one nearby and the doos of the car were closed. “I even peeked in the car but nothing has seemed out of of the ordinary, so I assume the thief saw us coming and was maybe hiding nearby.” He waited by the car for a few minutes and then slowly walked back to the house. However, 30 minutes later, he received another “vibration detection” CarLock notification, and judging by the intensity of the alert, John assumed someone was in his vehicle. 

“I along with my girlfriend and a few other family members ran outside to check on the car again as it was getting dark now and we caught the thief inside the car, which I think he was trying to attempt to start it but didn’t get around to doing it because we had got there, one of our family members detained the thief until the police arrived,” John revealed. Fortunately, the vehicle’s ignition was not damaged and nothing was stolen from inside, as valuables are never left in the visible places in the car.

John currently has no alarm in his vehicle. The factory alarm kept going off for no apparent reason and John decided to remove it. For this reason, he and his girlfriend considered purchasing a GPS car tracker and decided for the CarLock OBD device for which they’re extremely grateful. “If we did not have that activated, the thief could have stolen our car and we would’ve never known about it till the next morning when it’s too late,” he added

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