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GPS Car Trackers Help with Fleet Tracking and Security

Business owners who have fleets of vehicles need to have a good method of tracking those vehicles and ensuring that they remain safe. They also need to be sure that their drivers are efficient when they are behind the wheel. After all, there may be clients or customers who are waiting for deliveries, repair service, and more. A relatively simple but effective solution is to use GPS car trackers. They can provide some nice advantages for fleet owners of all sizes. Let’s look at some of the ways that they can help your fleet.

Improve Safety of the Drivers

You’ve probably seen fleet vehicles that have “How Am I Driving” bumper stickers along with a phone number. This is not exactly a scientific way to determine how someone is driving, though. Most people who see a driver that’s speeding or taking hard turns will either not see the number or will not bother calling. Sometimes, people that do call simply want to complain and do not have anything to say about the driver’s actions behind the wheel.

Instead, using a good GPS car tracker can monitor the safety of the drivers. It can provide alerts that let you know when the driver is speeding. It can also alert you when there is harsh cornering or harsh braking, for example.

Having this information is important for several reasons. First, there is the safety of the drivers and others who are on the road with them. You do not want a driver in your company that is putting themselves or others at risk. Additionally, you do not want to have a driver that is risking your insurance premiums going up.

If they are not taking care when they are driving, there is a good chance that they are careless in other aspects of their job, as well. Knowing this will let you talk with the driver and provide additional training if needed.

Calculate Fuel Costs and Waste

How much money are you spending on gas for your fleet? It might be due to the drivers taking inefficient routes that have them sitting in traffic. GPS trackers allow you to see the routes the vehicles have taken, which can let you calculate how much gas is being used on average for those routes. You could then optimize routes for the vehicles, which could help to cut down on fuel usage and even speed up their drives.

GPS car tracking
CarLock GPS car tracking

Additionally, this can help to identify any unauthorized use of the fleet vehicle by the employees. For example, they shouldn’t be using the vehicles for personal errands, even if they are on a break, unless they have cleared it with their supervisors. 

Recovery After Theft

While it’s never an ideal situation to have a work vehicle stolen, it can and does happen. Even when the drivers are careful about keeping the vehicle locked, there is a chance that someone could steal it. A thief could even steal it from your company property in the dead of night. If you don’t have a GPS car tracker, you might not realize the problem until you notice that the car’s not where it should be.

However, with a tracker, it can help to speed up the recovery since you can determine the exact location of the vehicle. Additionally, there are trackers such as CarLock that can provide you with real-time alerts on what’s happening with your vehicle. You will receive notifications if the vehicle is being moved, if the engine is started, or if the tracker is removed, for example. This means that you can act faster and should be able to improve the odds of recovering the vehicle.

Improved Productivity

Another advantage of a GPS car tracker, which many do not realize, is that it could boost your employees’ productivity. By tracking the movements of the vehicle, it allows you to make better use of your employees’ time. Since they know that their routes can be tracked, it also means that you don’t have employees who are simply sitting at a café or in a parking lot instead of working.

While you might have great employees working for you, that’s not true of all employers out there. Being able to make sure that the employees are going where they need to go and working for their pay is important. Once the trackers are installed, you will often find that productivity increases.

Better Customer Service

When you can track the location of the vehicle, it could even improve your customer service. For example, let’s say you have a client or a customer that is waiting on an important delivery, or a repair, and your drivers are not at their location. The client calls and wondering how much longer they will need to wait. Without a GPS car tracker, you would have to call the driver, who would then have to take the time to answer, so you could then get back to the client.

With a tracker, you can simply look at the app and see the location. This lets you give the customer a better indication of how long it will be before your drivers arrive. Customers will appreciate this, so they don’t sit around waiting for an hour if your drivers are delayed in traffic or stuck at another job for several hours.

Get Trackers for Your Vehicle Fleet

GPS car tracker for fleet

Having trackers in your cars and trucks is not just a good idea, it is also a cost-effective way to keep the vehicle safe and to enjoy the other benefits the trackers provide. Know where your vehicles are located, know how they are being driven, and improve the productivity and effectiveness of your employees.

In addition to getting GPS car trackers for your fleet, you might also find that you want to have them for your personal vehicles, given the benefits they offer. You will find that CarLock offers quality devices and an easy-to-use app, so you can get your vehicles up and running quickly and easily.