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Top Things You Probably Didn’t Know About GPS Car Trackers

Although you’ve likely heard about GPS car trackers and are looking into buying them for your own vehicles, there’s still likely quite a bit you don’t know about them. Below, we’ll be learning more about what these trackers are and how they work.

Where Did GPS Originate?

The project that became GPS originated in the United States in the early 1970s as a means to improve upon the current navigation systems in use by the military. It took ideas from previous tracking systems and improved upon them. Satellites were launched to help track objects on the ground, and by 1993 all 24 of these satellites were in operation.

Of course, despite being operated by the United States Air Force, GPS is used for a wide range of different needs today. While other countries have GPS of their own, including India, the European Union, Japan, China, and Russia, most still consider the United States to be the world leader in GPS. However, China has made remarkable strides.

One of the most common uses for the system today is GPS car trackers.

How Does GPS Work for Vehicles?

As mentioned, GPS works via satellites. These satellites determine the location or position of the device, which has been installed into your vehicle via trilateration. This simply means that the location is determined using three GPS satellites.

The technology that’s used in GPS car trackers is essentially the same that’s used in phones that have GPS enabled. One of the differences is that the trackers will not just provide your position but can typically keep a record of driving habits and locations visited, which can prove helpful in a range of situations.

GPS Car Trackers Can Be Used Many Different Ways

You will find that GPS can be used in various ways by individuals, as well as by companies that need to manage fleets of vehicles.

Many types of businesses will find benefits in tracking their vehicles. They might be delivery vehicles, or they could be vehicles used for specialists such as plumbers or pest control. Additionally, car rental facilities will often want to have trackers on their vehicles in the event a car breaks down or if someone doesn’t return the vehicle. Delivery vehicles could more easily be located in case someone steals them, as well.

GPS car trackers also provide an added level of security for personal vehicles. The system can be used to help locate vehicles that have been stolen. When using a system like CarLock, you’ll have access to even more information. You can receive alerts whenever something happens with the vehicle. For example, if the engine is started without you in it, if the vehicle is moved, or there are unusual vibrations detected, the system can send alerts to your phone. This can greatly enhance security for the vehicle.

GPS car tracker

If you are looking for trackers for personal use and you have young drivers in the house, you’ll appreciate knowing where they are when they head out with the car. Additionally, systems like CarLock can provide alerts and reports whenever there is harsh acceleration, harsh braking, rough cornering, etc. This can give you a better idea of how your young driver—or your employees—are doing when they are out on the road by themselves.

With the capabilities of these GPS Car Trackers, you’ll also appreciate that it can be much easier to keep track of mileage. This can be useful for companies with fleets, as well as those who are using their personal vehicle for their work.

How Are Trackers Installed?

When it comes to the installation of these devices, you’ll have several options. The one that you choose will depend on several factors including your need for portability. First, there are the hardwired options. These trackers will be hardwired right to your battery. This helps to reduce the risk of a car thief seeing the tracker. However, because it’s hardwired, it means that it can only be used in a single vehicle. Additionally, you’ll need a professional to install the GPS car tracker, but it shouldn’t take long at all.

Another quite popular option is the OBD connected tracker. These will simply plug into your OBD port. There are options for extensions that can help to relocate the device to a more convenient location if you wish. Another benefit is that it’s easy to move the tracker from one vehicle to another if you would like. The tracker will draw a small amount of power from the battery to operate, so you won’t have to worry about changing any batteries.

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Wireless GPS car trackers are another option to consider. These are small devices that can be hidden and placed just about anywhere on the inside of your vehicle. Their portability and the ease with which you can hide them are some major benefits. They are difficult to find, and you can use them with other vehicles simply by moving them. One of the only potential drawbacks is that they have an onboard battery, which you’ll need to change occasionally to ensure it is working properly.

Consider which of these options will work best for you, and then find a company that offers quality trackers.

What Type of GPS Car Trackers Should You Buy?

When you start your search for these trackers, you’ll find that there are many options readily available today. However, not all of the choices are worth your time and money. Make it a point to learn what the tracker offers, how it works, how it is installed, and whether it will be the right choice for your needs or not.

For example, if you have several vehicles that you want to track at different times, can you simply switch out the tracker from one car to the other? If that’s what you need, you’ll want a tracker that’s either wireless or that will simply connect to your OBD port rather than a hardwired option.

You’ll find that CarLock is a simple to use option that provides excellent service, quality hardware, and affordability. Take the time to explore the features and options to determine whether this GPS car tracker is right for you.