carlock saves 35.000
Success Stories

CarLock helped James save $35,000.00, his business and his livelihood

James from Louisiana was lucky enough to plug in CarLock just a day before his truck and dump trailer were stolen. With the help of CarLock, he recovered his vehicle in 20 minutes!

Sometimes you just have to believe there is someone or something watching over you.

How else could we explain James installing CarLock just a day before his truck was stolen.

Especially as he didn’t have full coverage and was facing a huge potential loss.

Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time can change your life quickly

James left his vehicle to check his parking and in a couple of seconds, the truck was gone.

He had this to say:

»I plugged it in just a day before my dually truck and dump trailer were stolen and the police had my truck recovered in 20 minutes in New Orleans. I didn’t have full coverage and was looking at a likely total loss. It worked perfectly and I was able to tell police every turn the thieves turned and exact locations when they stopped. It saved my business and livelihood! This tracker is worth every penny 1000 times over. I got out of my truck to check my parking and a thief jumped in and took off. I would have been helpless with out the device.«

These real-life stories motivate us here at CarLock to continue our quest and bring that extra peace bit of peace of mind to each CarLock user.

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